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Details about Resident Evil 7's story and environment were few and far between leading up to the game's release. There were no crazy leaks of footage or story points to speak of. The only thing that we could hope for was that the game was going to be terrifying, and it was—especially in VR! But as good as the final product turned out, the game was even scarier in its infancy.

Go Back To The Beginning With This Rare Dev Footage From 'Resident Evil 7'

Looks like Ethan previously traveled to Dulvey in a cab. [Credit: Capcom/CapcomTV]
Looks like Ethan previously traveled to Dulvey in a cab. [Credit: Capcom/CapcomTV]

Unfinished models and filler assets are kind of creepy in their own right—watching stuff like this can be like seeing a relative naked. But, in this case, there are a few creepy things going on that make the color run right out of your face in a good way!

The YouTube page for ResidentEvilish has posted a video from CapcomTV that features some intense (and rare) development footage from the game. In the video, we can see some combat footage, concept art and even a few devs acting out the infamous known as the "Family Dinner" scene.

You should probably check it out for yourself right now:

At one point (0:35), we catch a glimpse of what may be a middle-aged Eveline hanging out in a hallway while commanding Jack to attack you with some witch-y gestures. A little further in, we catch some barebones images of the Main Hall and morgue atrium also make spine-chilling appearances as well.

And behold, the creepiness in the save room—what the hell is up with that body in the hatch?! I'm thinking that it's early inspiration for that Grandma appearance. Put your clothes back on, Baker mansion... you're scaring me!

'Resident Evil 7' [Credit: Capcom]
'Resident Evil 7' [Credit: Capcom]

A lot of things pop up in that video that we don't see in the final product, which makes sense. After all, that's how game development works. However, some of those things might have been absolutely perfect for the game—namely a few missing scenes.

Flashes Of What Could Have Been...

[Credit: Capcom/CapcomTV]
[Credit: Capcom/CapcomTV]

Heebie jeebies aside, there are actually a few cool moments that pop up in the footage that didn't make it to the full game.

It looks like there's a scene that would have actually had Ethan meeting Zoe in the trailer—something that quite noticeable never happens in the game. It also looks like there's a moment (1:25) where the player character walks out of a burning building and wanders out into a large cornfield.

I loved the Baker mansion but it would have been cool to experience a little more of the Dulvey, Lousiana location. Maybe we'll find ourselves a bit further out in the swamps one day. If future Resident Evil accept the events of Resident Evil 7 as canon, I don't see why that wouldn't be a possibility. Here's hoping!

See anything else in the dev footage you would have liked to see in the final game?

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