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For games, 2016 was the year of Virtual Reality. All our sci-fi inspired dreams of being fully immersed in alternate worlds began to take off as multiple companies released their own headsets.

But while many are excited about the promise of VR in , other voices are less optimistic. Warren Spector, the creator of Deus Ex, publicly dismissed the technology, calling it a 'fad' in an interview. But has the success of VR for proved that games have the dark power to resurrect VR's potential?

Is 'Resident Evil 7' Proof That VR Is Perfect For Horror Games?

Capcom released the stats publicly this weekend. [Credit: Capcom]
Capcom released the stats publicly this weekend. [Credit: Capcom]

Resident Evil 7 was the big success story of January. The first-person horror revamp of the beloved series proved a hit with fans and critics alike, who praised the game as a terrifying return to form. One thing many of the reviews and previews focused on was how totally pants-sh*tingly scary the game was in VR. By the time the game released, it had practically become a meme. Come for the VR, stay for the heart attacks.

Well it seems to have worked, because the stats are in and around 10% of gamers played Resident Evil 7 in Virtual Reality. That's not just 10% of PlayStation 4 players either, it's all players, including platforms that didn't support VR.

Imagine this inches from your face [Credit: Capcom]
Imagine this inches from your face [Credit: Capcom]

This is a pretty huge event. Considering that the state of VR gaming consisted mostly of glorified tech demos with a few shining gems mixed in, having a major AAA success on the PSVR is proof that the technology has the potential to succeed.

Where VR seems to have had the most success is in establishing atmosphere. For some games like Job Simulator, that means one of irreverent comedy, for Resident Evil, that meant an atmosphere of pure terror. If more horror games harness the immersive potential of VR, the technology could prove the source of a new age of video game dread.

So far, aside from Resident Evil 7, we've only seen a few attempts at horror games on PSVR, which mostly consist of short haunted house rides and games that seem to have been explicitly designed to cause motion sickness. But if more developers start to harness the potential of the platform, well... imagine a game like Perception in VR. It wouldn't just be terrifying, it would also be beautiful.

What do you think about VR technology? Do you think it's a fad or here to stay? Let us know in the comments!


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