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It's happened again. Like Final Fantasy XV before it and No Man's Sky before that, Resident Evil 7 copies have found their way into the wilds of the world a week early. With this leakage (sounds nasty) comes the spilling of the game's story, the gut-wrenching reveal of its running time and, the most alluring of all, the contents of its killer ending. Secrets be damned!

There are plenty of reasons to be excited for , after all, it seems like quite the return to form for the series, despite the new perspective—though maybe it's better that way. But is it better to uncover the secrets of the latest RE outside of actually playing the game?

Biohazard Warning: 'Resident Evil 7' Playtime, Story & Ending Deets Find Their Way Online

Dare you go in? [Credit: Capcom]
Dare you go in? [Credit: Capcom]

Where would you expect for information pertaining to the ending of a video game to surface a week before the release of said video game? Why, 4chan of course! Details of the entire plot of Resident Evil 7 were revealed on the infamous website over the weekend, and Resi fans have been engaged in incessant chatter ever since.

The information has come from early copies that seemed to have landed in the hands of gamers in the Middle East—information that we won't be divulging here. But if you feel so inclined, you can read about Biohazard's "surprise" ending on Reddit or *sigh* 4chan. However, I'd highly recommend those who love this series or are looking forward to the game avoid doing so. Feels like a disservice to yourself and, well, the developers. So yeah, unplug your routers and don't answer any phone calls until January 24—I don't care if your mother is calling, damn it! Could she have come across the deets? Absolutely!

What we are willing to chat about though, is how many hours of terror you can anticipate come release.

[Credit: ThisGenGaming]
[Credit: ThisGenGaming]

The info on RE7's playtime comes to us courtesy of this image that appears to have been taken in an age pre-480p. Website ThisGenGaming uploaded the screenshot yesterday evening without stating how the playthrough was carried out. However, it seems that the individual took their time based on the fact that they obtained all of the game's files, destroyed all the Mr. Everywheres (whatever the f*** that means) and gathered all but one of the game's collectible coins.

Now, perhaps they blasted through all of Resident Evil 7's combat sequences and ran through the entirety of the creepy plantation mansion in fear, and who could blame them, though the stats would take issue with this explanation.

Gamers were under the impression that the new survival horror would take 15+ hours to finish, and perhaps this image has put that rumor to rest. But that's not to say that ten hours is too short, however, it might be worth your while to temper your expectations—unless you're terrible at horror games, in which case you'll be fine!

Resident Evil 7 is close at hand gamers, it'd be a shame for this intriguing-looking horror game to be ruined for you so close to its reveal. Wouldn't you agree?

Let us know what you think of these Resident Evil 7 details in the comments below!

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