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The Resident Evil series has been as much about the relationships of its characters as it has been about zombies. Even without the full-blown co-op that we saw in Resident Evil 5, the earlier games featured implied cooperative elements through carefully timed NPC appearances—usually right when you needed them.

While Resident Evil 7 seems to signal the end of this element of the series, our dreams of what could have been should be enough to keep us occupied until the Resident Evil 2 remake comes around.

7 Flings That Could Have Been In The Resident Evil Series

Let's not beat around the bush, I know the arguments well. If you think that these guys wouldn't have time for doing the dirty in Raccoon City, you'd be wrong. We all know those save rooms and bloody mattresses are fair game. If 's Ethan Mars has time to get busy when he is literally taking part in a timed trial that could end in the drowning death of his son, the team certainly has some time to make the best of those breaks. Here are the best of unfulfilled!

SPOILER WARNING: You can't make sexy conceptual omelettes without breaking some plot-based eggs.

Claire Redfield & Steve Burnside ('Resident Evil: Code Veronica')

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

It actually pains me a bit to include this one because I actually really hate Steve Burnside. He's what happens when a comedic relief character ends up with way more story than they deserve. I never really got over that sh*t he pulled with the gold Lugers. That mess had me running around in "Danger" mode for like two hours.

Lucky for him, Claire and I are separate people and I think Claire actually liked this dweeb. I think that the only reason they never actually hooked up was that Steve spent too much time crying about his dad, wearing chokers and being an all-around child.

Chris Redfield & Albert Wesker (Entire Series)

Google the fan fiction, I dare you. [Credit: Capcom]
Google the fan fiction, I dare you. [Credit: Capcom]

Who would I be to pretend like the fire between these two isn't there? It's only the beginning of the apocalypse so there are (probably) millions of people out there that Wesker could pick on—maybe even more within S.T.A.R.S.—but he always chooses Chris. They're bound to each other. Wesker can't even bring himself to kill Chris because he'd rather talk things out with him, flip him around a bit and even share his sunglasses with him. It's so damn cute!

I would even go so far as to argue that this coupling is the most likely to end in some form of putting the you-know-what in the you-know-where. Why? Wesker is unlike the others in the bunch in that he absolutely finds time for a bit of woohoo here and there. Jake Muller, anyone?

Would have included Excella Gionne here as well but I actually highly doubt that it would be considered an unresolved connection. I do have another more important but similarly open-ended matchup for you though.

Alexia & Alfred Ashford ('Resident Evil: Code Veronica')

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

Remember that time we watched that tape of Alexia and Alfred Ashford pulling the wings off a dragonfly and feeding the abdomen to a swarm of smaller bugs? Or the time that Alfred dressed up as Alexia because he missed her so much? Gives me butterflies just thinking about it!

Okay, so it's incest—I get that. Normally, I'm not the most outspoken proponent but where would we really be without these two? Their love is a catalyst for one of the most twisted Resi plots to date. I would say that, storywise, the Resident Evil series was at its highpoint with Code Veronica. Alexia and Alfred's disturbing dynamic confirms that.

My only major issue with this one is that it's probably unlikely that this bout of tension wasn't resolved at some point. Am I right or am I right? Can't say the same for the next pretty boy.

Leon Kennedy & Ada Wong ('Resident Evil 4')

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

Leon Kennedy is probably one of the most clueless men in the series when it comes to the women he's surrounded by, but the closest we've gotten to seeing him make sense of his emotions is with Ada Wong. He's crazy for her and doesn't seem to mind the 5 years of blue-balling that has been their entire relationship.

The tragic part is that Ada is a woman that just can't be tied down. She will probably end up dead before anything really comes to fruition between the two of them. Nevertheless, I wouldn't put anything past Capcom. I'm imagining a steamy string of QTEs in a third installment of Resident Evil Revelations...

Leon Kennedy & Ashley Graham ('Resident Evil 4')

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

Still our most eligible bachelor, Leon makes another appearance (from the same game) with his beloved damsel in distress, Ashley Graham. On the hierarchy of garbage characters, Ashley is only just above Steve Burnside. She makes Resident Evil 4 less like a horror survival game and more like a big fat escort mission.

I'm not sure if she actually ever grew on Leon or if Leon just really wanted to get paid because I couldn't have been the only one that wanted to tell her to hide and just walk off without looking back.

Regardless of the circumstances, at the end of the game, Ashley straight up invites Leon to "do some overtime" once he gets her back home and he puts that flame right out with a quick "Sorry." He's got his heart set on a Wong.

Billy & Rebecca ('Resident Evil 0')

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

I'll admit that Billy probably isn't Rebecca's type but I could see them getting together for a few reasons. For starters, I think we've all spent time with someone out of convenience and curiosity (mostly convenience, right?). Secondly, Rebecca doesn't seem like the kind of person that gets picked up too often. She's sort of uptight about her job, has low damage resistance and is only good for mixing herbs.

Their crap haircuts didn't help either. Billy got his from the '80s Trope Discount Depot and Rebecca put a bowl on her head and snipped around the edges. That's not entirely their fault but it is what it is.

Chris Redfield & Jill Valentine (Entire Series)

Chris goes all the way to Africa to find this woman! [Credit: Capcom]
Chris goes all the way to Africa to find this woman! [Credit: Capcom]

I had to do it. They've been together from the very beginning. I find it hard to believe that, after all that they've been through together, the potential isn't there. But game after game, Capcom delivers no respite from the haunting pain of what could and can never be between these two.

She falls asleep on his shoulder at the end of the first game though. Maybe it's foreshadowing for the night ahead, I don't know. Head on a shoulder leads to... some intense hand holding I'd imagine.

I saved the best for last, of course.

Wildcard Mention: The Merchant & Leon ('Resident Evil 4')

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

Say what you want but The Merchant is clearly carrying a torch for Leon.

Yeah, yeah don't worry. I'm done. Remember, I did this for you. I imagined these poorly dressed zombie slayers fulfilling their deepest desires so you wouldn't have to... but I bet you want to now!

Why don't you go ahead and cleanse your mind with a wholesome round of meditation on Resident Evil's bosses:

What do you think? Are Resident Evil's characters in need of a release or am I the frustrated one?


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