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Video game developers are constantly tossing new ideas for games around, and back in 2010 a concept was born that revolved around Darth Maul, the semi-mute Sith Lord from Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. The concept came from Red Fly Studio (now Gaming Corp Austin) and it looked to be a grittier, dark approach to the Star Wars third-person style we found in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

The Darth Maul game, at the time named Star Wars: Maul was, sadly, cancelled. One artist on the team released his early concept art and the costuming alone looked absolutely incredible.

Although Gaming Corp Austin hasn't been actively pursuing their Star Wars game, perhaps some of the elements of their now defunct game will be rolled into the game that we already know is in development by Respawn Entertainment.

Respawn Entertainment is the developer behind the juggernaut Titanfall and its sequel Titanfall 2. Formed after a few designers left Infinity Ward, they decided to make a name for themselves and bring something unique to the multiplayer market. Currently, Respawn is confirmed to be working on a Star Wars game, even if the details are virtually nonexistent.

What Is Respawn Working On?

Well, seeing as their game is still 2 years away, there's still a lot of guessing and interpretation. Yet, even though we aren't 100% sure of what Respawn has planned we do know that they are intent on giving us a Star Wars game that has groundbreaking mechanics and larger-than-life action.

Game Director Stig Asmussen also confirmed that the game would be a third-person action game that focuses on a character-driven story arc that has not been explored yet.

As I see it, there are three potential directions that we could take what we know about the upcoming game from and what we know about the Universe.

Possibility 1: The Ultimate Jedi/Sith Experience

With Respawn releasing their behind-the-scenes video as a part of the E3 2016 announcement in partnership with Electronic Arts, it's easy to see that this could very possibly be the direction that Respawn wants to take their Star Wars game.

Introducing a new spin on The Force itself could be an interesting route for Respawn. We already know that they are able to craft an intriguing story, thanks to Titanfall 2. Respawn could potentially be creating a game that lets you choose how you wish to wield the powers of the Force, and your character will interact with any number of other characters from the Star Wars canon. This would fulfill Respawn's statement that "[Our game] will have a different style of gameplay and takes place in a different timeline we've yet to explore with Star Wars titles."

This may sound a lot like The Force Unleashed and it's sequel, but I believe that if Respawn takes the route of creating the ultimate Jedi/Sith experience it could easily top what we were given with the story of Darth Vader's secret apprentice. It would give us the ability to choose our path and walk alongside of some of the greatest masters of both good and evil and the grey between.

Going this route with a Star Wars game could allow for a completely unique story to be crafted - that doesn't necessarily follow the current canon.

Possibility 2: Game Based on Movie Canon From The Prequels or Sequels

Considering that EA almost passed on the game pitch from Respawn, but then circled back around to it after Star Wars: The Force Unleashed took the universe by storm, it could make sense for the Respawn game to tackle how Kylo Ren came to be as well as the origins of the Dark Lord Snoke. Maybe Respawn will introduce a game that crosses the gap between the original trilogy of films and the sequel trilogy and tell a story set in that timeline.

Or perhaps they'll go in the absolute opposite direction and take on the story of the Jedi Council. Considering that the council is something that was around before the Prequel Trilogy was developed, it would fit the build of a game built on a timeline yet unexplored. Yoda had been around for ages at that point, and the bulk of the Jedi masters had been established as the overall protectors of the galaxy.

Respawn could be developing something that takes us into the origins of The Force itself. If Respawn goes after this storyline, it could easily be turned into an epic that potentially bridges the gap between the fan-favorite Knights of the Old Republic games and the films in the Prequel Trilogy.

Possibility 3: The Origins of The First Force Wielders

If Respawn really wants to be adventurous, perhaps they will tackle a story that has never been introduced: the origins of The Force itself and the men/women who first encountered and harnessed that power. It'd be a long shot, but a game based around the characters first referenced in the Star Wars lore as being the first to wield the power could make for an engaging story, which is what Respawn promises.

This game could look at the origins of the Jedi as well as what caused a rogue Jedi to study the forbidden arts of the dark side and spark the Hundred-Year Darkness, from which the Sith were born. It could also demonstrate what the Force was like before Sith or Jedi were even in-universe words.

Now this story would follow the canon that has been built in the comics and novels over the years. It could touch on some of the material in Knights of the Old Republic, but I think it would be best to predate the games of the Old Republic to honor the legacy that KOTOR and SWTOR have given countless fans.

Seeing as we have at least 2 years to wait for Respawn's Star Wars game, there is still a lot of time for this to change and for us to learn about what they're actually developing - but what do you think?


Which of these games would you want Respawn to develop?


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