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Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, Hearthstone's latest expansion, has made quite a splash since it was debuted on Thursday at . The expansion most notably changes up the game by introducing gangs (or crime families), the base mechanic for the new tri-class cards. They are made up of three classes each, and the sets of cards are available to all three classes to reinforce the family theme.

  • Grimy Goons: Hunter, Paladin, and Warrior
  • Jade Lotus: Druid, Rogue, and Shaman
  • The Kabal: Mage, Priest, and Warlock

The tri-class cards change up the game in a brand new way, offering more options for classes through the discover mechanic, which allows them to access spells they normally wouldn't be able to; for example healing as a Mage. Blizzard wanted the focus of the cards to be family cards rather than individual class cards in order to give variety.

One particular change is to Priest decks, once considered one of the weaker classes. The cards have put a lot of focus on different archetypes, allowing Priest decks to become stronger with Dragon and Reno decks in particular.

The expansion will introduce 132 cards total, though about 40 have been revealed so far. It plans to release in December.

Tri-Class Cards

  • Kabal Courier: Kabal gang card, discovers a card from Mage, Priest, or Warlock.
  • Lotus Agents: Lotus gang card, discovers a card from Druid, Rogue, or Shaman.
  • Grimestreet Informant: Grimestreet gang card, discovers a card from Hunter, Paladin, or Warrior.
  • Grimestreet Smuggler: Increases power of midrange decks, a slight buff.
  • Kazakus: The main legendary of The Kabal gang. Good for a Control Reno deck, and a viable replacement for Reno when it rotates out.

Druid Cards

  • Kun the Forgotten King: Offers an extra turn for a killing blow. The armor could make it useful in Ramp decks and the card could see some interesting synergy with Fandral if you get lucky.
  • Mark of the Lotus: A buff card, could see play in Token Druid and Arena.
  • Lunar Visions: Drawing two cards is worth the three mana it will cost, so even getting a single minion breaks even. It might not see much value in spell-heavy decks, but it could be powerful in Beast Druid or a creature-heavy deck.
  • Pilfered Power: This is a gamble. It will be hard to guarantee value, but pays off if it succeeds...if you already have minions on the board and in your hand. But it's more likely to be used mid-game than early-game since you'll want to make full use of the mana rather than wasting it early.

Hunter Cards

  • Piranha Launcher: A filler card, but humorous. A little slow for Hunter, and kind of expensive, but has the capability to generate more piranhas. Since piranhas are Beasts, it gives some good synergy with Kill Command and Houndmaster in midrange decks.
  • Trogg Beastrager: A good minion above rate due to the 3/2 stat. Will be strong in both Face Hunter or Midrange Hunter.

Mage Card

  • Manic Soulcaster: Another gamble. If you can get a good minion with it, then it's great. Could be useful for Fatigue Mage.

Paladin Cards

  • Meanstreet Marshal: Likely good for Buffadins, since their buff cards will make it easier to play this card. Could find good synergy with Abusive Sergeant or Blessing of Might.
  • Getaway Kodo: Gives your minions a second chance, powerful combined with Deathrattle or Battle Cry minions.
  • Wickerflame Burnbristle: Likely good for control or midrange decks. Will cost your enemy two minions to take down if you pair it right, giving you 4 health.
  • Small-Time Recruits: Could be useful for Aggro Paladin, but in later game. Good for thinning out your deck.
  • Grimestreet Outfitter: A good minion buff.
  • Grimestreet Enforcer: Very reminiscent of Emperor Thaurissan, except it makes things slightly more powerful rather than cheaper. Likely good for midrange decks to play when you have a lot in your hand.

Priest Cards

  • Potion of Madness: Lower cost than Shadow Madness and it would work well with Control Priest or midrange. Potentially powerful against Zoo or Hunter decks.
  • Drakonid Operative: Good for Dragon Priest. Lets you discover what your opponent has and gives you a card draw. With all the dragons in your deck, it will be quite useful.
  • Kabal Talonpriest: A classic Priest card and reminiscent of the Dark Cultist, though slightly better. It buffs other minions, but you get to decide which one and when.
  • Pint-Size Potion: Will have good synergy with other Priest cards, such as Shadow Word: Horror.
  • Dragonfire Potion: Another Dragon Priest card, good for wiping the board when you have all dragons. Also makes a good Lightbomb replacement.

Rogue Cards

  • Counterfeit Coin: Good for Rogue Combo cards like Auctioneer and Van Cleef. Allows you to draw into your deck faster.
  • Lotus Assassin: Good for minion trades since the Stealth prevents it from being targeted if it kills a minion.
  • Shaku, the Collector: Basically guarantees a card from your opponent.

Warrior Cards

  • I Know a Guy: Could help bring Taunt Warrior as a viable deck.
  • Stolen Goods: Also another Taunt card, could go well with I Know a Guy.
  • Alley Armorsmith: Good in control decks. The 7 health makes it strong, allowing you to buy time.

Neutral Cards

  • Wind-Up Burglebot: Useful for classes who need card draw. Could be useful in arena drafts for situational cards.
  • Kooky Chemist: An updated version of the Crazed Alchemist. Could be another situational pick in arena as well.
  • Mistress of Mixtures: An anti-aggro card, more useful in late game due to the health it restores. Will be useful in staying alive long enough to stabilize the board.
  • Finja, the Flying Star: Could make other Murloc decks more viable. Might not do well with Anyfin, but is versatile in allowing you to trade with enemy minions without losing too much ground on the board.
  • Fel Orc Soulfiend: A pretty good 3 mana minion. Useful for Priests since you can heal it; for other classes it's effectively a 3/5.
  • Patches the Pirate: Will likely be useful in Pirate decks, or with Gang Up before it's rotated out.
  • Big-Time Racketeer: Has some interesting combination possibilities, especially with Evolve or Master of Evolution which could turn a 1-1 into a 7. The Ogre it summons essentially gives you two minions for the price of one.
  • Second-Rate Bruiser: Basically costs less if you're behind, it allows a slight catch-up but probably not enough if you don't have any minions on the board. Will probably find good use in a Priest deck with Power Word: Shield.
  • Friendly Bartender: Could be good in Control Priest with other control decks. 2/3 makes it quite reasonable and the 1 health is useful against Zoo decks.
  • Grook Fu Master: It's just Windfury, and probably won't be very useful.
  • Actionmaster Beardo: This one is an unknown, since its power will depend on what the remaining cards to be revealed are. It could either be very powerful or very weak if there are Hero Power interacting cards.

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