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Star Wars Battlefront II is coming out soon enough, and fans are excited to learn more about the game. Well, as it turns out, a ton of major info has just dropped, exploring everything from dedicated servers to heroes.

First Order, best Order. [Credit: EA]
First Order, best Order. [Credit: EA]

What info dropped over the weekend? Here's everything you need to know in convenient, bullet point format:

  • There's a new melee system, and it's very similar to Battlefield 1's bayonet and ambush attacks.
  • Battlefront II's campaign will explore that weird, murky land between The Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. The story will go through what happens to the Empire now that the Emperor is dead and how the galaxy changes as the Rebellion becomes (largely) victorious.
  • The story's main protagonist is a female soldier for the Empire named Iden Versio. Versio commands Inferno Squad and leads her troops through the downfall of the Empire, as she looks to hunt the man that wrecked havoc on her comrades: Luke Skywalker.
  • Dedicated servers are coming! A big win for PC fans.
  • Weapons will have both reload and cooldown structures, and it looks like gunplay will be much more complex than the original EA Battlefront.

And last but not least, both Rey and Kylo Ren's hero abilities have been revealed. Rey will be given "two epic ability modifiers" that allow players to both control their enemies, and "create confusion on the battleground." Meanwhile, Kylo Ren's "epic ability modifiers" will let players freeze their enemies and pull combatants around via the Force.

Pretty cool, right? Rey's mind control ability sounds particularly interesting, and it could create mass confusion on the battlefield fast as enemies suddenly fire on "friendlies" thanks to Rey.

Speculating On the New Abilities

What can we gather from Rey and Kylo Ren's new attacks on the battlefield? A good deal of information from the start, actually.

For one, Rey looks like she'll be a major hero player for challenging an organized enemy opponent. Her ability to confuse enemies and control their minds means that she can quickly distract and disrupt enemy operations, from capturing command posts to synchronizing attacks on friendly vehicles. And while the ability to "create confusion on the battleground" seems very vague, it's safe to say that Rey is a character based on agility and tactical attacks -- don't expect her to be a tank.

Kylo Ren, meanwhile, is a twist on classic EA Battlefront heroes. Freezing enemies means Kylo Ren can create a lot of fear fast for players. And unlike Darth Vader's Force Choke, players that choose him as a hero won't have to worry about focusing all their energy on killing a frozen enemy; instead, he can let his fellow First Order players mop up the remains as Kylo Ren focuses on other enemies. Expect more brawn with Kylo Ren, making him a good counter to Rey.

[Credit: EA]
[Credit: EA]

So what's this tell us about the upcoming Battlefront II hero system? For one, it's much more complex. DICE wants players to engage in tactical combat, attacking enemies based on combining abilities in relation to what's going on within the battlefield. No more spamming abilities and Force moves; the new hero system is all about tactical finesse.

And it also seems like DICE is doing a lot more hero balancing this time around. Kylo Ren is a clear counter to Rey, and the two will be able to go into combat with a 50/50 chance of survival based on the skill level between either player. Expect other heroes across eras to have similar play styles.

[Credit: EA]
[Credit: EA]

Overall, Battlefront II looks like it's going to be much more complex and tactical than the original version. That's pretty exciting, and we can't wait to see what's in store once the game comes out in November.

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