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GTA V is getting schwifty! The Grand Theft Auto franchise has transformed over the years from a simple open world adventure to a mod-filled heaven. You can find almost any modification for this game somewhere online. Rick & Morty are the latest duo to join in with the fun and boy is it a good mod to have.

Fans of the show are sat waiting for the new episodes to appear on their televisions. Each day that fans wait for new episode of Season 3 becomes longer and longer, but at least we're getting some gems to tide us over. The show's creators treated us with a special episode that aired on April Fools Day, the internet went crazy over Mulan Szechuan sauce, and it seems the fun hasn't stopped there.�

Via: Youtube/ModdedGames
Via: Youtube/ModdedGames

The lovely modders in the community have helped fill this ever increasing void in our lives by adding our lovable heroes into the world of Grand Theft Auto. Everyone in the game is eligible to become Rick or Morty, the police, pedestrians, and even strippers. Ever wanted to see Rick perform a seductive pole dance? Now you can-- if you're into that sort of thing.

All this reminds us of the infamous "Look Who’s Purging Now" from Season 2, only this is on another level of odd. The mod allows you to access Rick Sanchez, his spaceship, and lots of Mortys. Unfortunately, Lawyer Morty is not present as of yet so you will have to wait to see his pog collection. Jedidiah515 is the man who can be thanked for this awesomeness and the guys over at Modded Games.

Jedidiah explained: “I’m a huge fan of Rick and Morty, and since it has not been made yet, I decided to port a model base on Rick Sanchez.”

We are so glad that he did and that you have given people the platform to mod the game further. Videos by Modded Games have already appeared with the famous "Show me what you got" Cromulons and there has even been an appearance from Mr. Meeseeks!

Via: Youtube/ModdedGames
Via: Youtube/ModdedGames

Rick & Morty's universe has always been a strange one. It's a world that can never really be explained, but its lunacy makes for an amazing and memorable mod to the Grand Theft Auto universe. Grand Theft Auto truly is the game that just keeps on giving. Now let's all go grab some Szechuan Sauce!


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