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Excluding Batman VR (I loved playing myself in VR), the next best game available on PlayStation has to be RIGS Mechanised Combat League. With the development of 3D VR gaming, the peripheral has now expanded to allow you, the gamer, to be seated front and center in the action like never before.

This is the Future of Sport

The game is set in the future and has you participating in a tournament style combat league. In the game, players harness themselves into a mechanized suit similar to Tom Cruise's war suit from Edge of Tomorrow, or the human resistance fighters from The Matrix.

There is both a single player and multiplayer mode to choose from, however, the differences are really the level of A.I. involvement in the combat. I play a bit of both so that I feel like I am a winner in the single player league, and only an average player when jumping online to test my prowess against real players in the multiplayer mode.

What Are The Sports Types?

There are three types of matches to test your skills that are all fun to play.

1. Power Slam

This is a cross between normal PVP and basketball. Each kill builds up a players overdrive meter, which when full, allows the player to jump through an oversized basketball looking ring to score a point.

Put your RIG into overdrive and jump through the arena’s central goal – but beware of the opposition putting their RIGS on the line to defend it.

2. Endzone

I would say this particular type is a hybrid of touch Rugby and Gridiron. In these matches each side must run the ball to the Endzone in order to score a point. If an opposing player hits the runner with a melee, the ball is transferred to that player and the tide has turned.

Battle for control of a holographic ball and make a play for the Endzone – steal, pass and attack your rivals to keep control for your team.

3. Team Takedown

This is a straight out team death match. Individual players can shine in this mode but teams that work well together generally dominate the opposition to devastating effect.

Flex your RIG’s muscles and smash you opponents to score points in this brutally simple but devastatingly tactical all-out war.

What About The Mechanized Suits?

There are four classes to choose from with each having a combination of abilities. It is worth taking the time to become familiar with them all.

Hunter – suited to quick gameplay tactics and flanking maneuvers

Mirage – this is an all-rounder and my favorite class.

Tempest – they have the unique ability to jump and hover.

Sentinel – these are the tanks class and generally are slow but powerful.

Each has an equal range of six ability classes that allows for a more specialized RIG to (literally) suit your playing style. I still am undecided on my preferred ability class. I am forever switching between them as an excuse as to why I am not as skilled as my fellow player’s – it must be the ability!

The six abilities are:

  • Vampire – this has the ability to suck your foes strengths and use them to heal or energize
  • Knockout – useful for close and personal styles of play with powerful melee moves
  • Nuke – probably the easiest way to get a fatality as the equipped Nuke explodes when killed
  • Carapace – this ability puts additional protection on the rear of your RIGS so you can focus on killing what is in front of you.
  • Engineer – scramble the opposition’s radars and also heal your teammates– medic!
  • Thief – specialized for Endzone or Powerslam gameplay, this RIGS can steal and score from a distance.

The feeling of hanging from a mechanized death machine is not easy to grasp from a 2D perspective. It’s hard to fathom, but when jumping in VR it takes a while to adapt as your mind and body race to make sense of the perceived movement. Don't worry though, after a few matches, you will be jumping all over the place in a world of 3D freedom.

The Future Is Here

Compared to some of the titles on offer with PlayStation VR, RIGS stands out as one of the best examples of how VR can transform the conventional world of 2d mulitplayer gaming.

The game moves and flows as you would expect, with clever map layouts that utilize the increased VR range of movement to great effect. As more and more people acquire their own PS VR, this game will only gain in its popularity as a virtual competitive sport of choice.

Like anything, practice makes perfect, and for me, I will being spending a considerable amount of time practicing how many ways I can die in RIGS Mechanized Combat League.

What is your favorite RIG in the league?


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