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After a series of teaser images that made the gamer portion of the internet lose its mind, word has it that Rockstar could be set to drop the new trailer as early as Thursday!

Rockstar Games took the world by surprise by teasing a new entry in the Red Dead franchise in the most Rockstar way possible. After dropping the two teaser images, many are speculating that a trailer can't be far behind, or at least a formal announcement that the game is in fact coming.

We now have a semi-confirmation that a trailer will be released on Thursday. This comes courtesy of former TechRadar writer/current Wareable News Editor (and generally reliable source) Hugh Langley.

Langley is the journalist who confirmed the leaked map for the Red Dead sequel earlier this year and has confirmed to TechRadar that his source is from someone working closely on the new Red Dead 3 game.

With Rockstar dropping teaser images in the past few days, a trailer is definitely not out of the question. When Grand Theft Auto V - also a Rockstar production - was confirmed to exist to the world, a trailer debuted just eight days later. It is likely that Rockstar will have the same sort of speed here.

It was heavily rumored that Rockstar were set to reveal Red Dead 3 at E3, but due to the Orlando shootings happening a week prior to the event, they thought that a reveal would be distasteful in light of the tragedy and cancelled their plans.

Whether it happens on Thursday or not, I think we can all expect a reveal of some sort in the upcoming days. Considering its previous reveals, with Rockstar all but confirming that a new Red Dead game is on its way, you better start clicking the refresh button on Rockstar's Twitter account and have your wallet at the ready!

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