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Update: Rockstar just posted a second image on Twitter, all but confirming that this is indeed a Red Dead Redemption sequel. Check it out:

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, Rockstar Games broke the internet by tweeting their logo against a background of a particular shade of red. Here's the image in question:

Sure looks familiar, doesn't it? Maybe reminiscent of the color motifs of a certain beloved wild west sandbox? Seems like the old folk wisdom 'hold your horses' isn't a thing for many Twitter cowboys, who've been quick to draw...conclusions.

Red Dead Redemption Sequel Incoming?

Fans sure seem to think so...

Of course, some are worried about being trolled, and getting a little defensive

This wounded heart isn't going to stand for any mind games.

Tensions are high with this tease.

Maybe too high...

Calm down there buckaroos. I think that celebrity Alpha Nerd Wil Wheaton put it best.

In the midst of chaos and excitement, you might miss some intense skirmishes between pedants and grammar nazis


me, right now
me, right now

Red Dead Remaster?

This is the conservative estimate. Given everything we know about a possible sequel to Red Dead Redemption, a sequel now would be really premature. But Enhanced Editions/Remasters are a hot trend in the industry, and to drum up interest in the franchise leading up to the next game, a RDR remaster, especially for PC would be a real treat. RDR just got backwards compatibility on Xbox though, which would make a remaster an unexpected move, but perhaps a PC port is more likely, especially if an upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 is to launch on PC.

A Bully's Redemption?

It's the 10 year anniversary of Rockstar's school sim Bully, and they've completely thrown us a curveball by tweeting that Red Dead Redemption-esque color instead of something Bully related. But is there some tricky connection that we're not aware of?


by redditor ajcoll5
by redditor ajcoll5

The more skeptical elements of the fandom are poo-poohing the very idea of a Red Dead Redemption sequel tease and volunteer their worst-case scenario: that Rockstar are cynically tugging on the heartstrings of the fandom and planning to announce something much more underwhelming - something like RDR: Undead Nightmare-style zombie skin DLCs for GTAV.

Red Dead Redemption 2?

Image source: Imgur
Image source: Imgur

This is what everybody wants, but how feasible is it really? We've been sniffing around for Red Dead Redemption rumors a long time, and I hate to say it but it looks like we'll be a long time waiting. Still, it could be that Rockstar are gearing up to announce plans to release next year, and get the hype train out of the station. We've got our ear to the tracks so be sure to read up on everything we know about Red Dead Redemption 2, including news, leaks and rumors.

Rockstar are just spanking us?



What do you reckon?


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