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Affable New Zealand Twitch streamer Rudeism, aka Dylan, is no stranger in these in these parts, especially when it comes to . We've seen him play Overwatch with a nerf bow, a broomstick, and even bananas. Even with all that, no-one could have predicted his next creative control method.

Microwatch? Overwave?

In the embedded video, the cheery Kiwi rigs up his microwave as a game controller while riding the Deftones bus all the way. It's pretty inventive. As well as using the microwave buttons, he also modifies the appliance so that he can key a command to opening and closing the door.

Safety First

Rudeism is beloved by his fans, but it feels like an awful lot of them would love to see him set his house on fire for their live entertainment. His stream is full of comments urging him to cook popcorn in the microwave as he uses it. Thankfully, Rudeism keeps a cool head and doesn't turn it on.

Other viewers express a bit more concern about microwave radiation, suggesting that he wraps his testicles in tinfoil (perhaps better used to make hats for the people asking that question).

Symmetry in Motion

If you want to skip straight to the action, he starts playing Overwatch using Symmetra at 1:49:28. Even with that awkward controller setup, Rudeism's got some serious skills.

What's next for Rudeism?

Rudeism isn't the only person playing Overwatch with crazy controllers, but he's certainly had some of the most interesting ideas.

Someone has already beaten him to playing Genji with a ninja sword, but Rudeism's viewers have been full of suggestions, some of them more practical than others. From the sounds of it, we can look forward to an upcoming session with Sombra using Nintendo's Powerglove, as well as McCree with duel nerf guns. Chime in with your suggestions and we'll let him know.


What do you want Rudeism to try next?


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