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games have no shortage of customization options. That's doubly true for the latest title, Andromeda, which allows you to not only customize the looks of your character, but also your twin's. Yes, you have a twin in this game.

Like the other Mass Effect games, you can choose to be a male or a female — and both of them have a boatload of hairstyles (which you can check out in-depth, by the way!) But if you choose to play as a male, you'll also have the option of giving yourself some heckin' good facial hair.

If you want to get a good idea of all your options ahead of time, we have a rundown of all the facial hair options below.

But First... All 64 Hair Color Options, Plus A Peek At Tattoos, Makeup, And More

If you like to mix and match, I'm afraid to say, facial hair color is tied to hair color. If that's not an issue, good! The above video will give you a good idea of all the different color options you'll have for both types of hair. And as a bonus, you can also take a peek at some of the scar, tattoo, and makeup options available.

Once that's out of the way, keep a-scrollin'! A closer look at all of the different facial hair options is below.

Facial Hair Option 0

Facial Hair Option 1

Facial Hair Option 2

Facial Hair Option 3

Facial Hair Option 4

Facial Hair Option 5

Facial Hair Option 6

Facial Hair Option 7

Facial Hair Option 8

Which facial hair option is your favorite?


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