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James Cameron's Terminator 2 is an action classic. Since its release, the apocalyptic story about artificial intelligence's ruthless decimation of Man has inspired a ton of movies, TV shows and video games, while the movies' extraordinary special effects (the liquid T-1000 was next-level in 1991) set the bar high for all other action movies to follow.

Watching Terminator 2 today, it's hard to believe it was made 26 years ago. The effects are so good, the action sequences are rock-solid, and the story is more relevant than ever. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger looks the same. Almost, at least.

It's one of those movies you've probably watched more times than you can count. But have you ever watched it with a Russian dub, recreated using the engine? No? Didn't think so.

In Mother Russia, Terminator 2 Is 60 Minutes And All Action

Well you now you have the chance. A Russian group of modders going by the name Kramer's Media has recreated most of Terminator 2 in Grand Theft Auto 5, only leaving out the more boring, story-driven and talky scenes. And to think we were impressed when someone recreated a single scene from the movie..

The impressive machinima adaptation comes in at just about an hour in length. We have to hand it to Kramer's Media — it's a pretty incredibly feat to recreate a movie in a video game, even if it's done in the very customizable GTA 5, and these guys did a really great job at simulating key scenes down to the tiniest of details.

You'll Have To Make It Work With Russian

Jump right in if you want to re-experience the high octane motorbike and truck chase in the dried-up water courses of Los Angeles, or Arnold's friendly T-800 rolling up a minigun from the top of the Cyberdyne building, taking out a bunch of police cars yet somehow not injuring any officers. Or what about the intense final scene in the foundry where the Skynet robots finally meet their makers?

Ugh, there's so many memorable scenes in Terminator 2. If you're too annoyed by the Russian dub, we recommend turning off the sound and putting on the original movie in the background. It'll take some adjusting but might be worth it.

And if you want to try out out any of the custom models used in the film in your own game of GTA 5, you can download them here.

What movie would you want to see recreated using Gran Theft Auto 5 mods?


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