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You know about Samsung's exploding phones, I know about Samsung's exploding phones. Come on Samsung, we all know about your exploding phones; stop trying to hide it.

It's been a bad month for Samsung and their Galaxy Note 7. Numerous cases around the world attest to the fact that the phone is prone to spontaneously combusting when it gets too hot, something that phones should probably avoid. The company stopped production on their high end product earlier this month after a recall and battery replacement failed to fix the issue.

Did you know that the device is also considered such a serious hazard that it's been banned from all U.S. flights since Saturday, even if it's turned off!? Crazy.

So, as GTA does best, modder HitmanNiko took satire to a new level and replaced all sticky bombs in the game with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Big S ain't happy.

Samsung Try To Wipe The Memory Of The GTA V Exploding Galaxy Note 7 Mod, Fail

We're a little puzzled by the move to issue takedown requests. It seems unprofessional and completely lacking in foresight. Samsung haven't removed the mod, you can find that online no problem. Why simply remove a popular video showing it off? There are plenty of others out there!

If Samsung were indeed behind the former video's take down, where's the sense in it all? All they've done is attract additional attention to the mod and their exploding phones. I mean, they have me writing about it in an effort to inform more people about their actions! We don't understand, Samsung. All we understand is that your Galaxy Note 7s explode. Did we get the point?

Have you downloaded the Galaxy Note 7 exploding mod?


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