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Since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015, fans have been craving a new video game based on the DC Universe (preferably starring the Dark Knight). Rumors and leaks have pointed to Warner Bros. Montreal (the company behind Batman: Arkham Origins) being hard at work on a new Batman video game.

Now, after months of speculation, this recent update might just confirm it. The Twitter page for IGN France posted this cryptic image, teasing an announcement from WB Games on March 8, 2017:

The translated caption reads:

"Tell us, what do you think?

Fans pointed out the teaser's similarities to a previous image released for

Image credit: WB Games
Image credit: WB Games

As you can see, not only do the images share the same tagline, the font used in the new teaser has pretty much become synonymous with games so far. Furthermore, last year we got some really solid evidence pointing to Warner Bros. Montreal developing a new Batman interactive experience. The company first released a video about them expanding DC's video game presence:

Later on, they released a recruitment video, unaware that the footage had Batman in one of the monitors as an employee was testing out a game. So it does look like they're working on a Batman-related project... but a very different one than what we're used to. If the rumors are to be believed, this adventure will focus on Bruce Wayne's grown-up son, Damien Wayne, as he takes on the mean streets of Gotham as the new Batman.

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Still, there might me something much bigger to this announcement: Warner Bros. Games - as stated above - has been developing various titles, including Superman: Unbound, a game that was teased a while ago. So, what if this announcement isn't just for a single Batman game but for a whole new line-up of interactive experiences based on the DC Universe, similar to movie slate announcements? As always with any cryptic message, we'll have to wait for more info to be sure, so, like WB said, mark March 8 on your calendar.


What do you think WB Games' announcement is about?


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