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Xbox's E3 conference — which was a remarkably impressive affair — has wrapped, and a ton of stunning games and intriguing hardware updates have XBOX owners feeling all fuzzy inside. But one of the highlights of Microsoft's hype fest was a little game called Scalebound.

Being developed by those who brought us Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Bayonetta 2, Platinum Games will be releasing this flagship exclusive for XBOX One and Windows 10 in 2017. In order to remind us of what this game hopes to accomplish, Platinum Games gave us a beautiful trailer highlighting Scalebound's impressive multiplayer capabilities.

'Scalebound's Multiplayer & The Goodies Within

Now that's an epic boss fight. Here are a few things that caught our attention:

1. This Is The Biggest Boss Fight Platinum Has Ever Made

Platinum LOVES action games. It has arguably made some of the greatest action titles in the history of the medium and it has a reputation when it comes to over-the-top gameplay and great boss fights. With Microsoft behind it, this Japanese developer is cranking everything to 11, and this boss fight is indicative of the madness we can anticipate with Scalebound.

2. Your Dragon Will Have Its Own Style & Color

As you can see in the trailer above, no two dragons look the same. Now, we don't exactly know how this is going to work. Perhaps the game will randomly assign you a dragon based on what player number you are in co-op. Alternatively, the game could offer us the chance to customize our winged-partner with the armor and color we see fit. Apparently we'll be like Han and Chewie with our dragons, so it'd be nice if we could customize them to our liking!

3. Your Character Has Some Seriously Cool Abilities

Throughout the course of the trailer we can see several abilities and weapons:

  • You can wield a bow and arrow — (the protagonist actually commented on its effectiveness during certain stages of the boss fight) — and a sword.
  • Your dragon can unleash hell with massive fireballs.
  • You have the power to fire concentrated balls of magic out of your hands.
  • Your character also has a kind of "ultimate mode" which sees him become more powerful, gain more armor, and generally become more badass looking.

4. You & Your Dragon Have Sick Combos

A few instances in the trailer saw the protagonist mix things up by combining attacks with his dragon. One particularly cool moment saw the dragon launch the playable character through the air with his tail and onto a particular hit point on the boss. Perhaps there are tons of other abilities like this that will see us tearing through our enemies with ridiculous combos.

5. Incredible Graphics

Seriously, the Xbox One has a hard time when it comes to graphical prowess — what with it consistently running games at lower resolutions — but Scalebound looks to make the most out of everything Microsoft's box can do, thus allowing Xbox One owners to enjoy an exclusive that truly looks next-gen.

6. It's The Perfect Blend Between East & West

With Microsoft publishing and supporting this exciting IP and Platinum Games creating it for us, we're seeing the perfect blend between Western game design and stylistic inspiration from Japan. Seriously, the protagonist put on some headphones when shit got real, as typical Japanese rock dominated the soundtrack. This game will hopefully be a delight for those who love Japanese games and Microsoft's IPs.

7. Xbox Play Anywhere

Scalebound will be included in Microsoft's fantastic new initiative that'll enable players who purchase a certain game for the Xbox One to play the same title on Windows 10 for free. You won't have to buy a copy for the PC, you'll simply own it on the Xbox One and PC simultaneously. Now that's a bargain!

Are you excited for 'Scalebound'?


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