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Co-op in usually means working together to take out an enemy, or maybe sharing items and healing or boosting each other. But it rarely goes much further than that. In some co-operative game modes it is totally possible to complete the mission by yourself (especially if your buddy is useless), so it's more of a sharing of the single player mode.

However, co-operative gameplay is something that the developers of Sea of Thieves, an upcoming open-world pirate game, have been focusing very heavily on. In their recent addition to the developer diaries series, they explain how the idea of co-operative gameplay has been overhauled for . After all, pirating is not a one-man show!

'Sea of Thieves' Developer Diary Reveals Co-op Gameplay Rarely Seen In Games

What the team have done is incorporated social gameplay into almost every aspect of the game. In other words, there isn't going to be a co-operative mode because it's going to be a fully co-operative game. To make this game enjoyably social, they have used the space of the pirate ship as a starting point.

Firstly, once aboard the pirate ship and happily cruising with your mates to the nearest island full of treasure, you're obviously going to have to consult the map at some point. However, the map has been turned into a physical object located below deck instead of being dedicated to the corner of everyone's screen. What this does is break the line of sight that each player has with the environment as well as creating specific roles that players can fulfill.

The map is located below decks. [Credits: Sea of Thieves/Rare]
The map is located below decks. [Credits: Sea of Thieves/Rare]

One of your team is going to have to go down to view the map every now and again to relay information about which direction they should be going. Another one of your team will have to be steering the ship from the helm, but because they can only see what's around them (which is also obscured by the masts and the sails) it means they are otherwise partially-blinded without the map. On top of that, the player in the crow's nest will have different information about rocks and reefs which they need to communicate down to everyone else.

The developers have essentially realized the open-world and its objects as realistic space that cannot be carried around in everyone's pocket and cannot be hacked into in a god-like fashion. What you see in first-person is what you get. It is a very unique idea that should bring players together in a way that previous games have been unable to achieve.

The map can also be carried, but only by one player. [Credits: Sea of Thieves/Rare]
The map can also be carried, but only by one player. [Credits: Sea of Thieves/Rare]

Once you've reached your destination one of the team is going to have to be responsible for the map. The player with the map will want to communicate details of the island with the rest of the players or, even better, physically show the other players the map as you can see above. Digging treasure from the ground will also need everyone to take part, but actually carrying the treasure chest will only require one player while the others defend it with their lives!

What Else Can We Look Forward To While Sailing The High Seas?

To not mention the beautiful art style in Sea of Thieves would be a mistake. With its funny cartoon visuals, the game looks like it won't be taking itself too seriously—in true pirate fashion. However, it is actually because of its parody that it also manages to embrace the scale of the seas and the islands that you'll find yourself upon.

On top of that, the game will include lots of combat against skeletons and other pirates. Like with the rest of Sea of Thieves, players will have to quickly swap and choose jobs such as manning a cannon, changing sails or patching holes in the ship's hull. One of the coolest things is that players will all be able to play musical instruments and drink rum, which means you'll be able to make your own true pirate soundtrack while getting blind drunk!

Are you also looking forward to Sea of Thieves? Let us know in the comments section below!


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