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Ahoy me hearties! Drop the anchor, because Rare just dropped some brand new Sea of Thieves gameplay at Microsoft's E3 conference, and it's stunning.

For you scallywags who've been out at sea for too long, and have no idea what is, basically, it's Rare's next big project for Xbox and PC. It's a sprawling, action packed, picteuresque world of pirates, plundering, and pieces of eight! That's right, you can finally live out your biggest Pirates of the Carribean fantasies, sailing the high seas, sinking ships, and singing the occassional sea shanty.

At Micrsoft's E3 conference, they dropped a stunning new gameplay trailer, showing off brand new features for you and your friends to enjoy as you pillage and plunder to your hearts' content. Arrr!

Shipwrecks, Riddles, and Human Cannonballs!

Credit: Rare
Credit: Rare

Alongside the pulse-pounding ship combat, the new gameplay trailer showed off a whole host of new features, including:

  • Shipwrecks! You can now excplore shipwrecks under the ocean, plundering the loot of foolish sailors who've sunk their ships into the crystal blue waters.
  • Riddles! Ancient riddles will lead you and your crew of scallywags to rare and mysterious treasure. Just watch out for the killer skeletons, and of course, the other pirates who are out to steal your precious loot!
  • Human Cannonballs! Jump into a cannon and launch yourself over to rival ships, screw gravity!

So raise the anchor, and get ready to set sail! Those treasure chests aren't gonna find themselves!

Will you be setting sail in the world of Sea of Thieves when it releases later this year? Let us know in the comments!

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