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Pokémon merchandise is big business, real big business. The various video games in the Pokémon leviathan (sorry, franchise) may sell well, but they can't hold a candle to the sheer amount of moolah that the various toys, shows, clothes and other knick-knacks bring in.

Obviously, with all that profit to be made, people are going to try to get in on the action through bootleg merchandise, but normally you'd expect to find such goods on Alibaba or in some Chinatown mall, not in one of the biggest chains in the US — and certainly not in such a unique way.

Sears Is Selling Fake Pokémon Merchandise AND Someone Else’s Fan Art All In One Product

An Ebay listing for the fake Scrafty. [Credit: ReallyDarkandWindie]
An Ebay listing for the fake Scrafty. [Credit: ReallyDarkandWindie]

When Tumblr-based blogger Zotus-Lotus spotted a Pokémon plush on the Sears website, they knew something was off about. The listing claimed the toy to be a Scrafty, a Generation V Fighting/Dark type Pokémon, but it only partially resembled the official artwork for Scrafty — it was the wrong color for a start.

That's when Zotus-Lotus realized where they'd seen that specific design of Scrafty before. It hadn't featured in any official art because it wasn't official. In fact, it was an unofficial fan art design created by artist ReallyDarkandWindie, an illustrator who specializes in creating alternate Pokémon designs.

It seems that Sears hasn't been paying too much attention to their supply lines for Pokémon merchandise. Not only did they manage to order from a Chinese supplier selling bootleg Pokémon merchandise, but the supplier themselves accidentally used a fake design created by a fan as the basis for their bootleg plush.

As of right now, Sears hasn't taken down the listing or acknowledged that they're selling bootleg Pokémon merchandise and ripping off a small artist at the same time. They have however, amended the description of the plush toy to acknowledge that it's not a real Pokémon design and removed it from sale on their website. Let's hope they keep a better eye on things in the future, otherwise they might end up selling one of my monstrosities.

What's the craziest bootleg merchandise you've ever seen? Let us know in the comments!


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