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In less than a month, Middle Earth: Shadow Of War will be released on consoles everywhere. The sequel to 2014's Shadow Of Mordor video game has become one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2017. Fans are already hearing of various DLC packs to accompany Shadow Of War's release. Sadly, one of them comes with a somber story behind it.

The Forthog Orc-Slayer DLC pack was created in memory of game producer Mike Forgey. He worked for Monolith Productions until his death from cancer in 2016. After his passing, it was decided that Forgey's likeness would form a new character, available for download in a $4.99 DLC pack.

The "Forthog" character, however, caused some unexpected controversy — because fans misinterpreted statements from developers about whether its international proceeds would go to Forgey's family. Confusingly worded statements, due to overseas legal issues, seemed to suggest that only domestic sales would be donated; despite those claims not being true, the news didn't sit well with fans, and Warner Bros. has taken action to address it.

'Shadow Of War' [Credit: Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment]
'Shadow Of War' [Credit: Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment]

In response to the controversy, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that Forthog Orc-Slayer will be available for free to all players when the game is released. Rather than ask fans for purchases or donations, WBIE will simply give a donation to Morgey's family, which is good to hear.

The studio ultimately realized that selling the character "was not the best way to achieve our goal." Giving a donation directly to Forgey's loved ones makes a lot more sense than putting the onus on potentially cash-strapped players. Plus, the studio can take solace in knowing they did the right thing by honoring one of the producers who made the game possible — and allowing everyone to play in his honor.

Middle Earth: Shadow Of War releases October 10, 2017.

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