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The North American Rocket League Season 2 championships concluded this weekend and the top spot went to Shaq-owned NRG eSports. The three person team took home $10,000 and guaranteed seeding in the Grand Finals of Rocket League in Amsterdam taking place December 3-4 against top ranked EU players.

The winning trio was bought into the fold earlier this year by NRG eSports which has quite a few celebrity sports investors including retired NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal, New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, and Chicago White Sox shortstop Jimmy Rollins.

And Rocket League (with its crazy plays) is only one of many games they are diving into on the eSports scene. NRG also has the exceedingly popular Amaz on the Hearthstone scene, has already put together an Overwatch team as well as fronting both a Counter Strike: Global Offensive and a League of Legends roster.

But NRG isn't the only celebrity-driven eSports company out there. More and more are jumping in with their cash and influence. Here's a quick sampling:

  • Superstar DJ Steve Aoki has a CS:GO and Overwatch team
  • Magic Johnson bought into Team Liquid with Tony Robbins
  • Ex-NBA player Rick Fox has invested in League of Legends and Smash Bros. teams

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