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Disclaimer: This post is in no way endorsed by Square Enix or the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

The mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union X — or Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] as it's sometimes known, or Kingdom Hearts Unchained as it was formerly known — is the latest addition to the Kingdom Hearts series. While it’s not a continuation of the game, it is a prequel (348/2 Days) of the prequel (Birth by Sleep) of the prequel. It takes us deep into the history of how the Kingdom Hearts universe was forming and how it affected the many lives of our favorite characters.

And with Kingdom Hearts III not due for release until the end of 2018 at the earliest, it begs the question: Do you need to play this latest mobile installment?

Well, Yes — If You’re A Huge Kingdom Hearts Fan

If you’re an avid, diehard fan like me, then I'll assume you've already invested a lot of time and money in the series. After playing the original game, then Kingdom Hearts II, Chain of Memories, Birth by Sleep, 358/2 Days, and even Re:coded, you won’t get lost into the storyline and it will only build on the lore that you already know.

KH: Union X is free to play, but you can make some in-game purchases. The gameplay itself is long, with 300-plus stories or missions, but this is the beginning of what started our Dearly Beloved series.

Without giving too much away of the storyline, you’ll finally be able to understand what happened to all the Keyblade wielders from the Keyblade War. Your character is one of those wielders, which only ups the curiosity factor.

Or No — It’s Just Another Side Story To The Series

In this case, if you’re a casual fan that’s only interested in the main games of and KH2, then you don’t need to play the mobile game. Especially if you’re not into the platform. With more than 300 stories and missions, it will require a big time investment you might not be willing to make.

Surely the much-anticipated Kingdom Hearts III will skip over the ancient history to advance the storyline, similarly to how it was done for Kingdom Hearts II and Naminé. Though you probably won’t enjoy the same level of excitement as those who have played the other games, any newbie or casual fan can still enjoy the storyline without the likes of Chain of Memories.

One of the best ways to dive into the series without killing yourself is by watching a Kingdom Hearts Explained video, such as this one-hour doozy from GameTrailers, or a shorter 20-minute one from Frustrated Jacob. These videos will give you the gist of the Kingdom Hearts universe in one easy sitting. Too bad you can’t use a Stop spell to play catch-up.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ is available to play now. Kingdom Hearts III is rumored for release in late 2018. Have you been playing the mobile game? Sound off in the comments below after you check out the the game's trailer.

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