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Historial-but-not-at-all-historical multiplayer hack-and-slash For Honor will be holding a closed beta event January 26-29. This beta test will focus on For Honor's War of the Factions wherein players pledge themselves to one of three tribes — Knights, Vikings, or Samurai — and whichever faction has the best overall win rate comes out on top.

Though only one faction can top the leaderboards, all beta participants will earn some unique cosmetic swag that will transfer over to their account when the game releases in February.

The beta event will be held on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Though the dates of January 26-29 have been clearly stated, the exact time the beta will begin and end have not. If you're hoping to participate, we would advise you don't try to call in a day off as you might not be able to play until the evening of the 26th at the earliest.

As this is a closed beta event, participation requires registration.

For Honor is slated to release February 14, 2017. Get together with your special someone and spill the blood of your enemies this Valentine's Day. How romantic!

Will you be signing up for the beta?


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