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What a difference a couple of hours can make! Just yesterday we received news from Scott Cawthon that his upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's spin-off Sister Location could possibly be delayed due to Scott's thought that it was "too sickening." We pondered then whether if, like so many times in the past, Scott was merely trolling us again.

Well. He (fortunately) was.

Are you ready for not Freddy?
Are you ready for not Freddy?

The Greatest Troll of Them All? Scott's Announcement is Not What It Seems

The very same day that Scott posted the original, nauseating news that he was considering delaying the release of Sister Location, he made a new post. An even worse post. At least, upon first glance...

It would seem as though he'd made his decision. The game would be delayed. Nay, the game in its current form may never even see the light of day! Had the Five Nights at Freddy's series been undone by its own fans? Or had Scott truly made something so vile, so grotesque, and so disturbing, that no one in their right mind would be able to handle it?

The post continued...

He would still release the game, it seemed, albeit on GameJolt, and with the caveat that the game itself would not be canon (and that true fans of the series should wait). Better than nothing...?

Clicking the link takes you to GameJolt, whereupon you're accosted with a warning page—an admonition, if you will, stating that the game is only for mature audiences due to its graphic nature.

Could this game really be as horrifying as Scott has implied?

What terrors could we expect upon booting the game?

There was only one way to find out...

This is the MA edition of Sister Location. I personally deemed this game unfit for Steam at this time. This title is not for children. I repeat, this is not for children. Anyone who was following the progress of Sister Location and have a sincere interest in the FNaF franchise in general should wait for the official release of Sister Location in approximately two months. Thank you. -Scott

An unsettling visage of Funtime Freddy awaits on the loading screen upon starting up the game. So far, nothing amiss. So far, our adrenaline is still pumping.

We need only navigate our mouse to those two bewitching words.




What the flying horse shenanigans is this?!?

Yes, it seems Scott has done it again. This is none other than a Freddy-fied version of Sit 'N Survive, a game developed by Scott back in 2012 that has you testing the limits of your survival skills. In the game, your goal is to survive as many days as possible sitting by your little fire out in the woods, warding off attacks by bugs, animals, monsters, and even acid rain by purchasing various tools at the beginning of each day.

Watch the Full Version of Scott's "Mature Version" of Sister Location Below:

The game is obviously a troll.

As if to confirm our suspicions (not that they really needed confirmation at this point), Scott made an edit to his original post assuring fans that Sister Location is NOT, in fact, delayed, and that we'll be seeing the full game in its entirety this Friday, October 7.

Scott pulled a similar trick before the release of Five Nights at Freddy's 3. Then, he claimed that he'd been hacked, and that the game would be canceled due to already having been uploaded for free on GameJolt. Of course, downloading this "hacked" version of FNaF3 rewarded you with nothing more than a Freddy-fied version of another one of Scott's previous games, There is No Pause Button! Perhaps we should have been more prepared this time around?

Sister Location Release Date Unchanged: Will Launch This Friday After All!

Our worries have been assuaged, then. Sister Location will be available on Steam as originally planned, in its entirely, without any of this "kid-friendly" stuff Scott threatened us with. Five Nights at Freddy's and horror fans alike—rejoice!

Now begs the question, however—will Sister Location live up to this hype? Will it truly be as scary as Scott was warning us about? Or was it all empty promises? It'll be at least another twenty-four hours before we know! One thing's for certain, though—we'll be looking forward to it!

Is Sister Location worth the hype? Is Scott just playing it up? And perhaps, most importantly, did you fall for Scott's trick? Let us know!


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