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If there's one thing the Five Nights at Freddy's series is good at, it's scaring us silly. With the exception of Five Nights at Freddy's World, each one of the original games has been an anxiety-ridden scare fest that tests the limits of our emotional endurance. But could there be a limit to just how far developer and creator Scott Cawthon is willing to take things? It seems there might be.

Five Nights at Freddy's Spin-Off May Be Delayed... Because It's Too Dark?

In a recent post on the official Steam page for Sister Location, Scott warned fans of a possible delay in the release of the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's spin-off:

Hey guys, I wanted to post an announcement that this game might be postponed, and I’m not really sure when it would be released. There are certain plot elements that are very dark, to the point where I sometimes feel sick. There would be no easy fix to this. I either release it Friday as it is, or I delay it by several months to completely rework the plot into something kid-friendly.I’m unsure what I’m going to do. As always, thanks for your support.

Scott's Steam ID.
Scott's Steam ID.

Responses to Scott's post have been mixed. Some fans believe he's just "being a troll" and trying to build up hype for the game, especially given Scott's tendency to surprise fans with early releases (or his "leak" of Five Nights at Freddy's 3 that turned out to be a demo created by Scott himself).

The response from fans has been divisive

"You know what this means, it will be released today." -Chilliarch "Im 99.9% sure this is a troll and others need to realise it. They need to calm down, plz X3" - CW3D" "Scott Cawthon is one of the biggest trolls in the game development community, have to give him that." -NateSpence

Still other fans have grown nervous that Scott might be telling the truth, begging Scott to release the game as-is and reassuring him that a "truly dark" Sister Location is exactly what they want.

"why would it need to be kid friendly? fnaf is already dark. just leave it alone scott, you know we will all rip into the moment it comes out and we will probably be ripped into too. but thats all part of the fun!" -Pixolaph"DON"T YOU DARE CANCEL THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -michelleperchard"So If you are messing with us, thats fine. But Five Nights at Freddy's isn't really a kid friendly game. Its not really meant to be. I feel like you should release the game as a LOT of people are looking forward to it." -Jdrstorm

It's hard to know what to think at this point. Could Scott really be trolling us? It's not unlikely given his track record, but what if he's actually telling the truth this time? It's true that the Five Nights at Freddy's fandom has evolved to the point where kids as young as eight and ten are playing the games and buying the merchandise—a fact that's not surprising considering much of it looks like kids' toys. Case in point, I personally saw a kid that couldn't have been older than twelve with a Five Nights at Freddy's hat during a recent trip to Disney World.

Does this look like merchandise for a mature horror game to you?
Does this look like merchandise for a mature horror game to you?

And any search on popular social media platforms like Tumblr and Twitter will reveal just how widespread the fandom itself is. People obsessively draw and write about the characters and animatronics, coming up with their own backstories and lore behind the series and even developing their own characters. Some fans just appreciate the games on a surface level—having fun with the characters but never delving into (and perhaps not even fully knowing) the gruesome stories surrounding the FNaF games.

Should Scott Cawthon self-censor?

Image credit: oneoftwo on deviantArt
Image credit: oneoftwo on deviantArt

With so many young fans now interested in the series and its characters, if Scott were to release a truly disturbing game that wasn't subtle in its violence, gore, or inhumanities, could he potentially traumatize children all over the world? Perhaps it's this thought that is making him second-guess Sister Location's release.

Though then we have to ask ourselves—should this be something he has to take into account? After all, he never disguised his games as something they weren't. They were always creepy horror games with disturbing underlying themes about people being stuffed into robotic suits, children being murdered and animatronics biting chunks out of victims' heads. The fandom's evolved into what it is through no fault of his own, so why should he feel responsible for censoring it now?

The cute burns.
The cute burns.

At any rate, there's no way to know for sure if Scott is trolling us or not, but it won't be much longer before we know the truth. After all, the game is still set for release on October 7th—this Friday. Then and only then will we know Scott's plans (unless he ends up releasing the game early).

In the meantime, catch up on the latest FNaF goodness here on Now Loading:

What do you think about this announcement? Could Scott really end up delaying and/or changing the game? Is this all a big ruse?! Let us know!


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