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Friday night I sat down, a soda in my hand, bag of gummy worms in my lap, and a "Deluxe Edition" of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim so that I may reforge old memories into new ones. Along side it I had a copy of it on Xbox One, which I borrowed from an awesome pal (thank you sir!) and was able to sit down to compare the two.

Cracking the tab on my Mt. Dew was almost as easy as getting to the mods section on PlayStation 4 and finding the ones I wanted. Unfortunately, Sony's PlayStation 4 version has half the mods that Xbox One already has for Skyrim Special Edition.

While I could point my finger and blame Bethesda, the underlying issue is the agreement with Sony, which cut the mod library in half. This takes away the fun of seeing our characters running around in ghastly outfits, enlarged pectorals, sultry outfits, or what have you, simply because Sony doesn't feel the altering of the game in this matter should be allowed. It's the way Sony is taking the approach to game modding:

Sony is not allowing mods that add new assets to the game.

While many of us may cringe at this mess, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition has treated me great over the weekend when I wasn't finding myself dashing across battlefields on Titanfall 2. I found myself enjoying Sony's simplicity without the mod errors I'd been receiving on Xbox One.

Unfortunately, if I want to see my character dressed as the Lich King from World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King running around, I'm out of luck on PS4.

However, fans will need to remain rather loud if they want any change. Otherwise, PlayStation 4 sits around 98 mods available while Xbox One sits comfortably at 243 mods.

While both consoles will get more mods, it's evident that Microsoft is more committed to bridging the gap between PC and console. For now, the lack of mods doesn't hurt the core experience of Skyrim Special Edition on PlayStation 4, but there's a whole world of mods left out.


What platform did you get Skyrim Special Edition on?


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