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Rumors about a potential port of to the have been flying about for a few weeks now, the Switch reveal video—which you can watch below—showed the game being played on the console, raising people's hopes for a portable version of Bethesda's open world opus.

The news was followed quickly by a statement by Bethesda, praising the Switch but seemingly denying that the game would be ported to the console. Today however, Todd Howard let slip in an interview that the game would indeed be ported to the console.

Skyrim And The Nintendo Switch Unite

While praising the Switch, Howard was asked whether Skyrim would be possible to play on both the TV and portable modes of Nintendo's latest console. His reply:

It's the same game on the TV and on the other screen.

So it looks like the cat's out of the bag, and we'll finally have ourselves a portable Skyrim. Now all of us will be able emulate our hero Karen and liven up the party with a bit of communal dragon slaying.

Pictured: The facial expression of a woman discovering ragdoll physics bugs for the first time.
Pictured: The facial expression of a woman discovering ragdoll physics bugs for the first time.

Fallout 4 Jumps Into Bed With VR

In other exciting news, Howard also gave a definite confirmation for a adaptation for , claiming that the opportunity for a fully immersive wasteland was so unique that sales weren't even a concern. I for one am hoping for a fully implemented VR pip-boy to be included, so we can sort through our inventory just by glancing down at our wrists.

Thankfully, they've not yet implemented smell-o-vision, so you'll never have to be immersed in Hancock's unique aroma.

What About Elder Scrolls 6...?

Unfortunately for those of us hoping for a few hints about the next game in the Elder Scrolls series, Todd remained tight lipped. Claiming only that:

It's not what you would call a big, active project right now.

Shame, I was hoping we could at least learn about some plans for an immersive Moon Sugar creation system, Breaking Bad style. He did confirm that Bethesda were working on more games for mobile, and hinted that they'd be using the format to play with ideas that their larger projects don't allow. Hopefully they'll be just as charming as the addictive Fallout Shelter.

What features would you like to see in the Switch verson of Skyrim? Any pie in the sky dreams for Fallout 4 in VR? Let me know in the comments!

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