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Hey! A cute new puzzle game from the makers of Bejeweled and Peggle, in which you slide blocks around and...murder teenagers? Back up. This isn't your mom's puzzler.

Providing a fresh twist on , Slayaway Camp (ok that name is a bit of a giveaway) may have cute graphics but they mask a dark, murderous heart. The player takes on the role of a Jason Voorhees inspired skull-masked killer in the scenes of old 80's VHS slasher flicks, murdering cuboid teenagers who flirt and frolic in the cursed camp.

Modern gameplay in VHS horror style

The movie references are signs that the developers are true cinephiles, including a Slayaway in space spinoff and the appearance of Sumerian demons. Lovers of cheesy gorefests such as Friday the 13th, Evil Dead, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm Street will find plenty of thrills in this brutal block slider.

It's got a decent sense of humor, too. Derek Meers (Jason in Friday 13th) is utilized for voice talent - not for the killer, but for a teenage girl. The killer is actually voiced by Mark Meer from Mass Effect. The soundtrack is totally on point too, cheekily referencing classic horror themes and 80s jams alike.

I normally can't stand boring block puzzlers, but with Slayaway Camp, the slasher horror twist is a good way to inject some life (and death) into the genre. It's still a puzzler at heart, and you're going to want to manipulate the environment in order to get that perfect kill-streak combo of crushings, decapitations, dismemberments and impalements.

At higher levels, the game throws a few obstacles your way, but you're motivated to keep going through over 200 puzzles (spread over 10 'movies' in the Slayaway Camp universe) with the prospect of gory fun and adorable new kill-moves to unlock.

Check out the trailer for Slayaway Camp below:

Source: Steam


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