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has just released on Steam — complete with hundreds of challenging -esque levels. Slime-san takes you on an adventure through the inside of a giant worm. This worm is full of challenge — body acid inside of the worm is chasing you along, so there is no way to linger on a level.

Hearing the rumors

As I took on each level by jumping, dashing, and running as fast as I could to the end, I started to see different characters. Levels are designed in such a way that you do not have time to stop — not even to take a look around.

Different creatures started appearing in the level, with their own individual conversations to be had. However, there was stomach acid approaching quickly! That complicated things, so I didn't have time to hear them fully.

Instead I just caught the first bit of what they wanted to say — something about a secret town or city deep inside the worm. This city is meant to be thriving and full of survivors, also swallowed by this giant worm. At first, I figured I would someday make it to this city. I didn’t have time to stop and talk to someone who had already been there, so I continued on my way in hopes of making it.


Then, I found a secret area in the middle of the level. I had always been focused on the sign that shows the end of the level and making my way there quickly, but as my fingers started to hurt, and as my death counter increased, I started noticing more. I found a small tunnel leading out of the level and into a secret area.

I jumped and dashed into the tunnel and made my way into a small room with a frog. This frog was clearly lost, but was nevertheless happy to see another person. For once, the timer was not ticking down, so I had a moment to learn this character’s story. The frog’s name is Frogatto! They were unemployed and looking for work before they got eaten, so Frogatto figured the city might be the place to get a job.

Then, just as quickly as I discovered this new character, I had heard their whole story and was ready to move on. I got to collect a strange coin before going back to the challenging platform levels. I went back to facing level after level of challenge until my fingers started to hurt. I still had not found the city.


I went back to the title screen, thinking I’d take a break, and then I saw the option to explore the city. This city isn’t something to discover later in the level, this is a place you can go to whenever you want. I instantly wanted to explore — and there is no time limit in this town! I was able to interact with all of the characters there, buy some upgrades with my apples and coins that I had gathered, and even catch up with Frogatto. Frogatto let me know that no one was hiring in the town, sadly.

My home

I also discovered that I can visit my home! Somehow, I have acquired my own little corner of the world (inside this worm of course) that I can visit at anytime. This home is in the town near the city, where you can also interact with other characters and explore. All of my neighbors have interesting stories and are quite friendly. I really enjoyed the idea that I have become a member of this inner world — a world full of wonder.

Being able to take a break from the fast paced levels and explore relaxing towns provides a much needed relief in Slime-San. You can go slowly at your own pace, learning about the quirky characters and purchasing fun or helpful upgrades. Not only does it make me want to collect more apples and coins, but it also stops me from quitting the game as soon as the levels start to be too much. Once my fingers were well rested, I went back into the game in an attempt to find another lost survivor to bring to my world.


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