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Oh, Internet — while the rest of the world is imploding over the upcoming US Presidential Election, you are reminding us that there are far more enjoyable and furry things to think about. One such furry thing is Bill Clinton's companion and cat, Socks. Socks was an adopted stray that stayed with the Clinton family during Bill's presidency. Socks passed away in 2009, but looks like his legacy is far from over thanks to a campaign hoping resurrect our feline friend for the SNES.


The game Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill was actually completed, but never released, even after being shown off at a CES event and garnering positive reviews. The game was thought to be lost forever, a legend of retro gamer lore — until collector Tom Curtin and publisher Adam Welch managed to get their hands on the prototype. The pair purchased the rights and have since created a Kickstarter campaign to make the game available to everyone.


You play the game as — a.k.a. the ultimate pet of the '90s — as he "fights [his] way through the White House battling all sorts of enemies, including spies, Dobermans, protestors and satirical versions of famous political figures as end bosses."

More gaming?

The prototype is playable from start to finish, but the money raised through the Kickstarter — which currently has 238 backers and is $6,000 off it's $30,000 goal — will be used to release the game digitally, and make cartridges that can be played in the SNES system. Backer goodies also include copies of two other SNES games — Get 'Em Gary and Handy Harvey — as well as art and DEV copies of the Socks the Cat game. Socks for President, am I right?


Will you be backing 'Socks the Cat'?

Source: Kotaku


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