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The wait is finally over—Sombra is here.

In a long awaited patch, Blizzard released Overwatch Patch 1.5 on Tuesday, which introduced the new offensive hacker revealed at Blizzcon: Sombra.

New Map And Modes

In addition to . the patch also added The Arcade to the game. In the Arcade, you can choose from a variety of regularly rotating map modes and rulesets:

"Whether it's 1-on-1 duels, 3-vs-3 skirmishes, our alternating selection of brawls, or special rulesets like “no hero switching,” you should have no problem finding a game that fits your mood. Experience is earned just like any other mode, but you can also earn Arcade-specific rewards, like Loot Boxes!"

also is adding a new arena map named Ecopoint: Antarctica. This map is specially for the 3 vs. 3 battle mode and 1 vs. 1 duel mode, but still features the gameplay features of normal 6 vs. 6 maps. You can check out the map and the new game modes in the Arcade.

I'm ready to start a blizzard!
I'm ready to start a blizzard!

Competitive Play And Balance

Blizzard also released some dramatic changes to rating for Competitive Play. There were numerous complaints particularly at the start of the previous season that Gold and Platinum were too crowded, and as a result, Blizzard is switching things up:

"When season 2 started, we had more players in the Gold and Platinum skill tiers than we originally intended. This meant that skill levels varied widely for players within those tiers, and some players were achieving inappropriately high rankings during their placement matches. These players typically began the season by having their skill rating adjusted downwards after their first few matches. For season 3, skill ratings will be slightly lower after your placement matches, allowing them to increase as the season begins. After you play enough matches, your skill rating changes will return to normal."

There were also a myriad of balance changes that went live, many of which have been on the Public Test Realm (PTR) for some time. Suffice it to say that nearly every hero in the game has been either nerfed or buffed in some way, and if you want to get into the big details, check out the huge list of changes on the official announcement.

Though much anticipated, the new map Oasis is not in the patch, but is set to be released early 2017, or possibly sooner.

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