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First spotted by Twitter user Ryan Brown, there is a Collectors Edition of the upcoming "Sonic Mania" in existence. Included will be a 12inch statue of our blue spiked hero, Sonic The Hedgehog, standing atop a replica MegaDrive (that's a Genesis in the US if you were wondering) that will also play the SEGA boot up sound.

Not only this but another replica is included of a MegaDrive cartridge with a Golden Ring, like those found within stages of the game. It should be noted that this doesn't seem to include a physical version of the game, but comes as a download code concealed inside of a metallic Collectors Card.

I also have some sad news to bear for fellow UK and European gamers, but it has been confirmed that this Collectors Edition will ONLY be available in the US. No reason was given for this choice, but it will be available to order via Amazon, so it may be possible to import for Sonic Fans overseas.

Sonic Mania is due for a digital release early in 2017, with no specific date as of yet. Are you looking forward to this one? Would you have liked a Collectors Edition in your region too? Let me know below.

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