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South Korea a.k.a. The Nice Korea a.k.a. homeland of all of Tekken's tae kwon do experts, is a remarkable country with a rich culture. But chances are, Western gamers are most familiar with the Asian nation because of their love of Blizzard's seminal sci-fi RTS, Starcraft.

What you might not know, however, is that the country is so enamored with games that high powered political players are seriously trying to win the hearts and minds of citizens by using and .

Presidential Rivals Battle It Out With StarCraft And Overwatch Vids

'StarCraft 2' [Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
'StarCraft 2' [Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

South Korea is currently in the run up to a heated election after former president Park Geun-hye was thrown out off office at the beginning of March over a corruption scandal that involved a controversial soothsayer and rumors about her undue influence over Park. Think about that next time your local politician cries 'witch hunt!'

While Park's affinity for sorcery led to her being impeached and then imprisoned, the new presidential hopefuls are being rather more high-tech with their methods of reaching out to Korean youth.

It all started when presidential candidate Moon Jae-in unveiled his latest piece of propaganda... a pair of maps for Starcraft: Brood War.

Check out Moon Jae-in's Starcraft maps below:

StarCraft basically became South Korea's national sport during the heyday of the original game and its expansion and Moon's maps, known as Moonters, are a good way to reach out to the nations gaming-obsessed youth. In the above time-lapse video, the mineral deposits spell out his name. Maybe he could win even more votes by promising to invest in South Korea's real-life SCVs.

Currently, Moon is the favorite to win out of 5 potential candidates, but at least one rival has tried to beat him at his own game.

Overwatch's Play of the Game Shows Off Presidential Candidate's Zingers

'Overwatch' [Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
'Overwatch' [Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

Well, not quite the exact same game, but pretty close. Rival Sim San-jung decided to step up with an ad in the style of an Overwatch Play of the Game highlight reel.

Watch Sim Rack Up Kills In Her Overwatch Ad:

Every time Sim's cutting political points render an opponent speechless, it counts as a kill. Overwatch itself is very popular in South Korea, with D.Va. in particular being admired by progressive women. Sim's ad may be slicker than Moon's map, but it doesn't look likely to catapult her to success.

If Sim really wants to look to games for political success, perhaps she should watch this StarCraft cutscene for inspiration:

Currently Moon (Democratic Party) is still considered the front-runner, polling between 38 and 40 percent. Sim, the Justice Party candidate, is running between 6 and 7 percent according to the latest polls.

Come election day on May 9th, one of these two contenders will have to say 'gg.'

Who did it better, Moon or Sim?


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