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Some people spend hours upon hours perfecting their runs through games the rest of us only play once, maybe twice. They might complete a game hundreds of times in order to beat it as fast as possible, speeding through it without enjoying its content, only focused on the minutes and seconds it takes to complete the darned thing.

The art of speedrunning has resulted in some truly baffling achievements through the ages of . Some of these speedruns seem to strip away the nostalgic magic surrounding certain titles, while others are so impossibly fast you can only admire the dedication involved. This is one of the later.

Speedrunner Glitches Through Prey In 20 Minutes

[Credit: Bethesda Softworks]
[Credit: Bethesda Softworks]

Speedrunners often utilize bugs and glitches in order to complete games even faster. That's also the case in this 20-minute run through the space station in , the new sci-fi first-person shooter from Arkane Studios and Bethesda, which "normally" has a playtime of around 20 hours or more.

Take a look below and behold how DraQu, a professional speedrunner, is able to turn this epic 20 hour sci-fi horror tale into something you can complete in your lunch break. If you're a gaming wizard, that is:

Prey is turned upside down as speedrunner DraQu breaks the game numerous times, using Prey's innovative GLOO cannon to get his character to places he should not be able to reach during a regular playthrough.

As the weapon can create climbable ledges almost anywhere you want, the scope for glitching your way through Prey is enormous. Seeing how DraQu is able to get "behind the scenes" of the game in such an extreme way though, perhaps there's even faster ways to complete Prey. You up to the challenge?

What do you think about speedrunners using glitches and bugs to set fast completion records?


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