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Our dear web-shooting Spider-Man has had his ups and his downs when it comes to video games. Whilst Marvel's most famous superhero is gearing up for another adventure on the silver screen, he's also being readied for what could be his most eagerly anticipated turn-out on console yet in Insomniac's #SpidermanPS4.

But what's the deal? Where's all the news and gameplay footage from the PS4 exclusive? You can't just go silent after a show-stopping E3 announcement, without even mention of a release date! Well, here's a round-up of everything we know so far.

Spider-Man PS4 At A Glance

  • Release Date: 2017
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer: Insomniac Games

Spider-Man PS4 Trailer, Gameplay & Leaks

Spider-Man PS4 Announcement Trailer:

Spider-Man PS4 Release Date

Insomniac has been extremely tight lipped regarding Spider-Man PS4's release date, so as it currently stands we still have no idea whatsoever as to when it will be releasing. A leaked placeholder date of December 26, 2016 was spotted by eagle eyed shoppers at GameStop back in the summer, but that was swiftly shot down by Insomniac.

Spider-Man PS4 News & Rumors

Updated 04/01/17

  • [Rumor] Spidey to take on Green Goblin and have a family in Spider-Man PS4?

IMDb recently leaked the alleged synopsis for Spider-Man PS4 on its hub page, and, if it's anything to go by, the wall-crawler will be getting into scrapes with his old foe, the Green Goblin! Also alleged is Peter Parker will be a doting husband and father in the game, which could mean Mary-Jane Watson is along for the ride...

[Credit: IMDb]
[Credit: IMDb]
  • [News] Spider-Man PS4 getting the PS4 Pro treatment.

Sony has confirmed that Spider-Man PS4 will be going fully-4K on PS4 Pro! And the game does indeed look scarily detailed and utterly stunning in this resolution. Check the teaser below and see for yourself.

Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Features & Combat

[Credit: Insomniac Games]
[Credit: Insomniac Games]

Luckily for our attention spans, sullied by constant origin stories, Spider-Man PS4's web-slinger will be a Peter Parker with plenty of experience under his belt. Hopefully this means we will be straying away from unlocking pivotal additions to his moveset as we go through the game. Like a certain Mirror's Edge sequel and its essential moves hiding behind nonsensical unlocks.

But seeing as Spider-Man PS4 will have an original tale to tell about the exploits of our friendly, neighborhood wall-crawler, crafted by the holy union of Marvel and Insomniac, I have hope the narrative will be fairly killer with not a dripping of filler.

Combat suitable for a spider [Credit: Insomniac Games]
Combat suitable for a spider [Credit: Insomniac Games]

Combat does look phenomenal in the trailer, and if it is any indication as to where the game will travel, it looks as if elements will be fully destructible, or useable in attacks. Or at least some of them, in a similar vein to Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy.

This version of Spider-Man, I think, is far more brutal than we've been used to in games, with moves and kicks that generally lack the highest regard for the health of goons taken on in the trailer. Does this allude to a darkening of his personality thanks to hard times at the hands of his Rogue's Gallery?

[Credit: Insomniac Games]
[Credit: Insomniac Games]

Speaking of Spidey's Rogue's Gallery, an open world New York as large and as sprawling as Insomniac's should be packed to the brim with villains, don't you think? And with the ridiculous amount of easter eggs on display in the trailer, I reckon Peter will have his hands full. OF CRIME!

What do you think should be added to Spider-Man PS4? We go into more detail with our nerdy wishes in the post below!

Spider-Man PS4: Available Platforms and Where To Download

[Credit: Insomniac Games]
[Credit: Insomniac Games]

Spider-Man PS4 is a confirmed PS4 exclusive, hence its current moniker, and will not be coming to any platform operated by Microsoft. And if you're looking to download the game in future, I suggest you hit up PlayStation Store for all of your spidery delights!

Looking forward to diving into Spider-Man PS4?

[Credit: Insomniac Games]
[Credit: Insomniac Games]