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With July 21 approaching fast, Nintendo is ensuring nobody can escape the inky influence of the Switch's upcoming shooter, Splatoon 2.

A new set of TV commercials have recently started airing on Japanese TV. The first of the new ads is completely live-action, starring a number of Japanese citizens shooting each other with ink across Tokyo. It's hilarious to watch, and makes me wish we had ads this interesting in the West!

The original Splatoon released on the Wii U and managed to sell millions of copies despite its exclusive console platform not faring so well. Nintendo is clearly hoping to magnify their success of their incredibly popular .

For those who are more fond of traditional advertising, Nintendo has also produced two gameplay commercials for Splatoon 2 which will be airing at the same time. They're short, but include some great music, exciting montages, and a very enthusiastic announcer shouting at the end!

Japanese gamers have also reported that Splatoon 2 billboards and posters are being placed around the city. They definitely stand out, and fit the urban theme of the series.

understands that Splatoon 2 is likely to be their most important release of the year based on this large-scale campaign, and this bodes well for gamers trying to find a Switch in Japan. Nintendo Switch supplies to stores have dropped from around 40k per week near launch to just 25k per week more recently. It's likely that Nintendo are stockpiling large numbers of consoles to coincide with the release of Splatoon 2.


With less than two weeks until launch, Nintendo is clearly going all-out with what could be the most popular release on the platform this year (yes, even including Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!)

It's fitting that these ads are located in busy areas such as train stations because of the urban theme of the game, as well as the obvious fact they will be seen by large numbers of people in such concentrated areas of foot traffic.


I wish Nintendo the best of luck with their upcoming release... and even more luck to the Japanese gamers queuing up all around the country for the mere chance of buying a Switch of their own; hopefully Nintendo gets their stock issues sorted soon, or Splatoon 2 could be causing riots in the streets!

Will you be buying Splatoon 2? Let me know in the comments!

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