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Fall is officially here and while many of us are breaking out our DVDs of Hocus Pocus and other Halloween favorites, sometimes a spooky movie marathon isn't enough. If you want to feel like you've been dropped into an eerie environment shrouded fog and creatures lurking beneath then maybe a spooky gaming night is what you need. To get into the Halloween spirit, here are five downloadable Steam games for an evening of thrills and chills this October.

1. Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods follows Mae, a twenty-something cat who has dropped out of college and returned home during the fall. The story mainly focuses on her friendships and relationship with the quirky town and its people. Oh, and there's something sinister lurking in the woods. The game's plot has a slow burn, but the casual stroll into its bittersweet and dark tone makes for an authentic voice. The breathtaking art style mixed with the strange mysteries brewing in this quaint town make for a memorable autumn themed game.

2. Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor is a psychological horror game with 2D graphics and a retro video game aesthetic. The protagonist's goal is to escape from a city riddled in disease. Since the character has hardly slept or eaten right, he begins to question if what he's seeing is even real. While the player needs to be cautious of their physical health like any game, they also need to watch their mental health with this one by getting enough food and rest. The way to survive is also put into the player's hands. They can decide if they want to use stealth tactics, rush into battle, or a little of both. Each choice matters so the player can mould their story into a truly terrifying arc.

3. 7 Days To Die

At first glance, this looks like just another zombie survival game, but don't be fooled. What separates this one from the rest is its combination of gameplay styles from first person shooter to crafting and mining. This open-world game has a lot to offer for those who want more variety and depth in their post-apocalyptic zombie survival games. Players also have the choice to explore the world on their own or with friends (which makes it a horrifyingly fun party game) as they navigate an eerie environment riddled in living corpses and infected wildlife.

4. Dead By Daylight

This is another multiplayer game perfect for your next horror-filled gaming night. In Dead by Daylight, one player dawns the mask of a murderer while the other three act as survivors who band together to avoid being caught and killed. The game mechanics also change depending on your role. The player acting as the killer will navigate the world in first person to focus on their prey while the survivors have the advantage of third person and can examine their surroundings more clearly. The survivors also have the choice of working together or have it be every man for himself. The game is essentially a violent virtual tag for you and your friends.

5. Duck Season

If you loved the 1980s aesthetic of the recent It remake or want to relive older Spielberg films then Duck Season needs to be your next purchase. Set in 1988, Duck Season is a homage to the golden age of gaming and movies that gradually becomes darker as you navigate the story. It's evident that there's something terrifyingly odd about the game the protagonist's mother has bought him. It's up to you to uncover the mystery and unlock seven unique endings.

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Get into the Halloween spirit this weekend by grabbing your friends, ordering pizza, and diving into one (or all) of these eerie Steam games. Live out your own autumn adventure through Steam as you wait for the leaves to change and the crisp air to hit.


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