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If you were hoping for a remake of Final Fantasy VIII or IX there's some good news. An interview with the director of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Takashi Katano shows is warming up to the possibility of more remakes in a similar vain to VII.

Katano said:

"[Final Fantasy 12] is a PS2 title, and you look at the other titles in the series and technologically anything before the PS2 era is going to be quite difficult to do a modern remaster of to a suitable level of quality.

That means [a future game] is far more likely to be a remake."

Elaborating further on what the next remake would be, Katano said it's up to the fans:

"We really have to hear their voices on that, if they want to see a remake or a remaster of a certain game then that's more likely to be the one we go for. I've personally been working at Square Enix for 20 years now and I've got a lot of memories from that time. I think the way that we look at it is not the game that [we] would like to remake it's really down to what the players, the fans, want to see."

With Final Fantasy X and it's sequel having already received a remaster and The Zodiac Age soon to release, the option to remaster past games has been exhausted. Now Square will have to do full on remakes – or just make XVI but who wants that right?

Final Fantasy VIII Is Ripe For A Remake

When it comes to the PS1-era games, VIII is something of a black sheep. It's not the most popular or beloved game in the franchise. It even failed to make both IGN and GameInformer's recent top 100 RPGs list. And most noteworthy, unlike Final Fantasy VII and IX, VIII has yet to receive a mobile port or PS4 digital release. (VIII did receive a tech demo showcasing the ballroom scene running on the PS2).

This is likely due to the game not being as widely well received as the other titles. Among fans, the gameplay of VIII is often a point of criticism. The "draw system" which has you stock pile magic and being able to spam Guardian Forces (the summons of ) is more or less just broken. Every character can use both Guardian Forces and magic just allowing the player to either over-power the game – or just die from not having the right tools.

A remake would be able the perfect opportunity to correct these issues. Whatever new battle system is implemented could easily correct any new issues by simply not having any. As for those that didn't like the story...well, we'll have to see how Square would handle that.

Is A Final Fantasy VI Remake Next?

Artwork for 'Final Fantasy VI' [Credit: Square Enix]
Artwork for 'Final Fantasy VI' [Credit: Square Enix]

If there's one other game that nearly the entire universe could agree deserves a remake, it's VI. The story is nearly universally acclaimed and the title took top three spots in both GameInformer's and IGN's top 100 RPGs or all time lists.

As for the possibility of a full remake of the Super Nintendo title, VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase had this to say:

“Right now, we’re working on Final Fantasy VII… The staff within the company are also saying it [that they want a remake of Final Fantasy VI], but it continues to be put off.”

Sounds like somewhere down the line a Final Fantasy VI remake will come (please!).

Remember, You're Going To Have To Be Patient

We all know Square Enix has really long development cycles, and for good reason. Final Fantasy VII Remake still isn't out yet. Not to mention that just like VII Remake, any other titles being remade will likely be episodic installments. In other words, patience is key.

But, with Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age slated for release July 11th, Katano and his team will soon be free to work on another project. So maybe they can get the ball rolling?


Which Final Fantasy Title Are You Hoping To See Be Remade Next?

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