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The trailer for 's Star Wars Battlefront II has leaked showcasing in-engine footage and glimpses of a single-player campaign, new heroes, and of course pre-order bonuses.

But before you read on you should definitely check out teaser trailer for The Last Jedi as it gives us plenty more hints on to what else might be coming to Battlefront II!

Ever since the previous , hype has been growing for the sequel to deliver on an offline campaign mode that the previous game sorely lacked. With Battlefront II, EA seeks to rectify this by adding a much desired single-player story, making it a focus of the trailer.

Watch Star Wars Battlefront 2's leaked trailer below:

Single-Player Campaign Could Be Vital To The Franchise.

Starkiller Base in 'Star Wars Battlefront II' [Credit: EA]
Starkiller Base in 'Star Wars Battlefront II' [Credit: EA]

If there's any one unexplored era of Star Wars it's the time between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

One line in the leaked trailer gives cause to believe we'll finally get to see more of this era: "Avenge our Emperor!". This line is heard while the screen transitions into what appears to be Starkiller Base from Episode VII, teasing that we just might get to learn more about the beginnings of The First Order.

The Campaign's Protagonist? [Credit: EA]
The Campaign's Protagonist? [Credit: EA]

Based on the trailer and female voice over, it appears that the protagonist of the story will be the unmasked ex-Storm Trooper pictured above. I'm sure within a week, there'll somehow be a theory about how this new character is Rey's mother because she has similar features to Rey, such as...eyes and a mouth, y'know, a face. Rey has a face too, so they must be related!

More Playable Heroes From Across All Eras!

Darth Maul! [Credit: EA]
Darth Maul! [Credit: EA]

In addition to teasing a campaign mode, the trailer also showcased some new heroes such as Darth Maul unsheathing his to fight Yoda. It's nice to see that the sequel will draw from aspects of all three of the franchise's trilogies.

Other heroes shown include Rey and , before the trailer ended suggesting you pre-order to gain access to Star Wars: The Last Jedi heroes, whomever they may be. I'm hoping for Snoke but somehow I doubt it.

Kylo Ren [Credit: EA]
Kylo Ren [Credit: EA]

While the trailer is sure to make fans of the game and the series happy, there's still much we don't know. With the trailer completed, leaked, and more importantly with Star Wars Celebration coming in just a few days, we can probably expect an official announcement as early as this week.

Now comes the real question: how much will the season pass be? Your move, EA.

Are you looking forward to more Star Wars Battlefront? Let us know in the comments below!


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