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In 1977, Star Wars was introduced to the world through the cinematic masterpiece, A New Hope. Publisher Electronic Arts (EA) is attempting to recreate one of the most iconic battles from the movie in their latest Star Wars Battlefront Death Star expansion. The irony with this expansion is that this is truly the last, and only hope, EA has to revitalize this Star Wars game.

A good Star Wars game is many players holy grail. For publishers EA, their decision to acquire the exclusive Star Wars games license would have had them eagerly rubbing their hands together with the possible returns on their investment. Unfortunately for all, the game did not live up to expectations, which makes the urgency of this latest expansion so critical.

The expansion is available on Tuesday, September 20 across all platforms for season pass holders. For everyone else, you will have to wait two more weeks to ponder whether to prepare your Rogue Squadron to fight the seemingly unstopped Imperial Forces. I think EA may have this one in the bag, finally, the Death Star expansion looks to be something new and exciting- let the battle begin!

Battle Station Mode Brings to Life your Star Wars Fantasy of Fighting the Death Star

Battle Station mode sequences the space battle from the A New Hope, into 3 distinct battle phases. Each phase has been designed to draw upon players skills individually, and as a team, in order to complete the your sides objective i.e. destroy the Death Star.

General Tagge: What of the Rebellion? If the Rebels have obtained a complete technical reading of this station, it is possible, however unlikely, they might find a weakness and exploit it.

Phase 1 - Rogue Squadron at Their Best

The Rebel (scum) must thin the heard of TIE fighters and TIE interceptors with their X-wings and A-wings. Once the Rebels have punched a hole, the Y-wing support vehicles will attempt to weaken the Star Destroyer’s defences so that the rest of the squadron can swoop in and finish the job. I have been longing to relive the Nintendo 64, Rogue Squadron game, and finally, Battlefront adds some depth and meaning to the aerial dogfight encounters similar to my beloved Rogue Squadron.

Luke Skywalker: I have a very bad feeling about this.

Phase 2 - Boots on the Ground

Here is where the action moves into the Death Star. Rebel forces must extract a strategically important droid (this is the droid you're looking for), by escorting and defending it all the way to the flight deck to escape. I hope Ben Kenobi has shut down the tractor beam, sound familiar? This phase is a blend of other multiplayer game modes such as Droid Run, Cargo and Blast, and will make use of the frequent choke points inside the Death Star to maximum effect.

C-3PO: Don't call me a mindless philosopher, you overweight glob of grease.

Phase 3 - Trench Run!

How can you attack the Death Star without a trench run in your Red-5 X-wing! Evade Darth Vader in his TIE Advanced, as you carefully manoeuvre through the trench against an onslaught of relentless Turbolaser turrets to fire

I must say, this is the best part of the expansion because it allows you to relive this iconic Star Wars moment.

Commander: We've analyzed their attack, sir, and there is a danger. Should I have your ship standing by?Governor Tarkin: Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances.

New Heroes, Everyone Loves Chewbacca

Chewbacca, and bounty hunter Bossk, are two new additions to the hero line up with the Death Star expansion. Both characters attributes have been outlined in EA’s New Hero Deep Dive, and add extra chaos to the overall mayhem within the Death Star. Seriously, who doesn’t want to play as Chewy, so you can let out a mighty roar as you charge in while firing his Bowcaster?

Is This Expansion A New Hope?

The early excitement and anticipation for Star Wars Battlefront was extreme. People were counting down the days for its initial release, and at first, it seemed to deliver. The graphics and attention to detail had gamers early on singing its praises. Unfortunately, once the adrenaline wore off, it quickly became evident that this was a lost opportunity.

This expansion is the strongest drawcard EA has left to bring gamers back to the Star Wars Battlefront arena. To battle in, and around the Death Star, has me handing over my Imperial Credits with the belief that this expansion is A New Hope.

What are you looking forward to in this expansion?


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