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Star Wars is famous for many things. The effects and visual imagery of the movies have changed entertainment as a whole. The music is iconic to say the least. But we may remember the stories more than anything else. The Empire Strikes Back contains one of the most well known plot points in film history. That's why we expect a lot when we read, watch, or play through a Star Wars story.

Bioware and Lucasfilm are currently sharing one of the most awe inspiring and attention grabbing stories yet in their latest expansion of Star Wars: The Old Republic (or SWTOR for short), which takes place thousands of years before The Phantom Menace. The in-game plots are prefaced by beautiful cinematic trailers which, with few words, reveal the emotional conflicts you deal with in the game.

Bioware just finished releasing their first episodic expansion of the game called Knights of the Fallen Empire. In it you play as the Outlander, a force for hope and change in the galaxy, and you run across many interesting characters along your journey. Their newest expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne, will be released on December 2nd, but to prepare us for the newest Star Wars outing, they've given us a brand new cinematic trailer. Check it out:

There's so much going on in this trailer and for those who haven't played SWTOR in a while, it might seem very confusing. Let's take a closer look at what's going on and what it all means. Here's what you need to know. BEWARE, SPOILERS AHEAD.

This Trailer Is Actually A Sequel

Like their pre-launch cinematic trailers, Bioware seems to be tying each new trailer together into one story. "Betrayed," the newest trailer, follows "Sacrifice." In that first trailer we met the Eternal Emperor and his twin sons, Arcann and Thexon. After years of lying in wait in the Unknown Regions (or the unexplored area of the galaxy), the Emperor and his sons launched an attack against the core worlds. During Knights of the Fallen Empire you face off against the Emperor and his son Arcann and begin to learn the deep dark secrets of their royal family.

Who Are The Characters In The Trailer?

  • Senya Tirall

During Knights of the Fallen Empire, your character gains an ally named Senya Tirall. Along your journey, you discover something about her past. She was once married to the Eternal Emperor Valkorion, and she is the mother of his children. While discussing her past, she tells you the heart-wrenching story of her exodus from the Eternal Empire. She tried to free her children from the oppression of her husband, but failed. The tail is chronicled in the trailer and is even more emotionally provoking for anyone who's played through the expansion, which I highly recommend you do.

  • High Justice Vaylin

The trailer follows Senya as well as her daughter Vaylin. Vaylin is highly Force sensitive, and her father's favorite. Though she holds so much power, she's crippled by her upbringing. Her father pushed her into insanity, through his intensive training. She becomes convinced that her mother is to blame for what her father put her through. She seeks vengeance above all else and will stop at nothing to see her mother defeated.

  • Eternal Emperor Valkorion

Valkorion is the Eternal Emperor and one of the most powerful Force users in Star Wars lore. He utilizes both sides of the Force and trains his children to do the same. He views his children as weapons which has a negative affect on his parental skills. He may be a formidable leader, but his power comes at a price. His family imploded because of him.

What Does The Trailer Reveal About The Game?

We haven't seen the last of the royal family of the Eternal Empire. The final shot of the trailer seems to take place after the events of Knights of the Fallen Empire. We can definitely expect more drama to unfold between Senya and her daughter. What will happen to them? No one but Bioware knows. What we can say is that it seems like it's going to be epic when they meet again. Make sure you're there to see it!

Knights of the Eternal Throne is free for all SWTOR subscribers starting December 2nd. Subscribers also receive all 16 chapters of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Don't want to play through 60 levels of amazing Star Wars stories to reach the conflict with the Eternal Empire? No problem. Players can purchase level 60 characters and jump directly into the story!

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Have fun! And may the Force be with you!


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