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The Star Wars franchise has an army of fans. There are casual fans and then there are super fans. Some fans watch the movies when they come out on DVD and others are there on opening night. Some giggle at viral videos about Chewbacca masks and others spend hours upon hours building theme park rides that mimic space flight and Death Star strikes. Planet Coaster player Chuck Maurice falls into the latter camp.

Check Out This Star Wars Roller Coaster Made In 'Planet Coaster'

Chuck Maurice has painstakingly designed one of the most thorough roller coasters to hit the Steam Workshop—Death Star Strike, a Star Wars themed roller coaster.

In this five-minute gameplay video, Maurice shows us the complete queue section leading to the ride and a full POV of the experience itself:

The roller coaster, a "dark ride", takes us from dock to trench and right into the heat of battle in only a few seconds. In typical dark ride fashion, it doesn't feature any major drops but it absolutely throws us for a loop and another and another... you get the picture!

The video release is certainly a shift in direction for Maurice's YouTube channel which, up until now, seemed to be dedicated to guitar covers. But it's less of a shift in comparison to the rest of Maurice's work—two other roller coasters based on Indiana Jones and Mt. Everest. Immersive ride experiences appear to be Chuck Maurice's happy place.

What Did It Take To Make This Masterpiece?

[Credit: Frontier Developments]
[Credit: Frontier Developments]

According to the Maurice, the queue for the line took the longest. Around two minutes of the video are dedicated to the queue itself which features an enormous amount of themed details.

It's quite an impressive construction that is truly on par with the heavily researched queue styles of Disney parks—queues that are specifically designed to make waiting for hours seem like less of a burden.

Spaceship details from a mid-ride perspective. [Credit: Frontier Developments]
Spaceship details from a mid-ride perspective. [Credit: Frontier Developments]

Maurice catalogs the extent of his work with the roller coaster, citing limitations imposed by the game's current allowance for effects triggers and the looming possibilities of lag that could pop up with the addition of further props and pyrotechnics.

Despite these hurdles, the Death Star Strike seems to be doing just fine with over 5.5k subscribers/downloads on .

Would It Be The Right Fit For Disney World?

[Credit: Frontier Developments]
[Credit: Frontier Developments]

If this ride ends up in any real theme park, it's going to have to be a Disney park. At about three minutes, this ride roller coaster clocks in at just over half the length of Disney's longest roller coaster—Test Track, a five-minute car safety test-themed ride in Disney's Epcot theme park.

As it stands, Star Tours, a 3D motion-simulator has been the reigning Star Wars-themed attraction since the 1980s. A reboot called Star Tours—The Adventures Continue was opened in 2011 but, given the recent Star Wars resurgence, even that seems a bit too far off. It's probably just a matter of time before a new ride comes along!

Maybe Disney will give Mr. Maurice a call! For now, you can put the roller coaster in your own park by grabbing it from the Steam Workshop.

Do you think that this coaster has what it takes to be the next Star Wars attraction at Disney World?


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