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We may be waiting about a year for the new Star Wars: Battlefront 2, and I find EA's lack of information disturbing. For a brief moment, my hopes were raised by a video of what looked like an 8-bit Rogue One game, before they came crashing down when I realized there was no game behind the teaser.

Still, it's nice to share things whether it be joy or disappointment so here's the video in question.

Warning: The video contains spoilers for Rogue One, but the article doesn't, so read till your heart's content.

Rouge Eight... Bit

In the short video, we see a breeze-through of the film's main storyline told through short cuts of simple gameplay sequences. It doesn't seem like anything that exciting or original, but it doesn't really have to be.

It could just be a fun mobile game to tide us over for a little while and make the long wait till Battlefront 2 just that bit easier. Even the simple jump and shoot mechanics displayed in the video would provide some entertainment for anxious Star Wars fans.

Is Star Wars Fever Too Strong?

You may have noticed a sharp rise in all things Star Wars after Disney took over from Lucas. Some are mostly welcome like the new films, and some seem like they're taking advantage of people's beloved film series.

As much as I'd like to mess around on an 8-bit Rouge One game, I do understand that an overload of content may sap some of the Star Wars magic. I'd rather see Battlefront 2 turn out to be amazing than have a plethora of mediocre games.

Check out the latest Star Wars Battlefront DLC:

I think the same goes for the films too. We've been lucky by have two so far that are widely considered 'good' films, but I do worry about how trigger-happy Disney are when it comes to Star Wars films. There are at least another two in the works.

Impatient, You Are!

Looking back on my initial excitement, it probably just stems from me being mildly bitter about a long wait for Battlefront. Yoda would likely give us some sage advice on how we have to wait for good things to come, but as the previous Battlefront left a lot of us wanting more I feel it's an understandable position.

There will likely be a campaign mode in Star Wars Battlefront 2 as fans had been clamoring for it ever since the last game was released. It sure isn't pretty, but fan pressure does work sometimes.

Although I thought I'd never say this, I guess we don't truly need more Star Wars stuff right now.

Would you want to see a real Rogue One video game?

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