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The world's favorite real-time strategy title Starcraft is getting a long-deserved update this Summer, with an upcoming re-release entitled Starcraft: Remastered. The re-release will include both the original Starcraft and the expansion pack Starcraft: Brood War in one package, complete with updated audio and overhauled 4K compatible HD graphics.

'Starcraft' To Get A Makeover With The 4K Compatible 'Starcraft: Remastered'

[Credit: Activision-Blizzard
[Credit: Activision-Blizzard

Rumors of the game getting a snazzy new update had been circling since last year, when a report by a South Korean news outlet claimed the game was in the works. The confirmation of the game's re-release may also lend credence to the rumors that Starcraft 2 will also be going free-to-play in the near future. Fingers crossed.

The new re-release of Starcraft was announced at the I <3 Starcraft event in South Korea by president Mike Morhaime. During his speech, he revealed that Starcraft: Remastered will not only update the game's graphics and sound, it will also feature a new matchmaking service through the Blizzard app, which will match players by skill level and preferred faction to make getting into a game of Starcraft easier than ever.

'Starcraft': Classic Gameplay, Completely Free

[Credit: Activision-Blizzard
[Credit: Activision-Blizzard

For those worried that the update will upset the classic gameplay and balance of the original Starcraft, fear not. Blizzard has sworn they won't be making any changes to the gameplay beyond small bug fixes, and the original Starcraft and Brood War will both be compatible with the new remastered version.

Blizzard will also be rolling out a minor patch for the original Starcraft, the first update in eight years. The patch will fix small bugs and graphical issues. More importantly though, it will make the game free for anyone to download, meaning anyone who doesn't feel the need for crisp new graphics (and the ability to zoom in and out for more flexible play) can enjoy the game for free. Nice one, Blizzard.

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