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If you've ever wanted to marry your friends, we have some good news. Stardew Valley is getting a multiplayer mode, and Chucklefish plans to allow players to marry each other in-game. Sweet.

In a recent blog post by designer Tom Coxon, Chucklefish announced how multiplayer mode will work. At the start of the game, players can build up to three cabins for their farmhands, a group of fellow players who can do everything the player can do: from farm to fish to marry NPCs and join in on festivals. Farmhands can connect in and out of the game, so the main player can manage their inventory chest even if their fellow players can't log on.

[Source: Chucklefish]
[Source: Chucklefish]

Multiplayer works independently of online servers, too, so there's no need to rent an online server just to play multiplayer. Friends can be invited straight to a player's game via Steam. And for non-Steam versions of the game, Chucklefish is developing a similar system.

Oh, and you can do player-to-player marriages, too. The game will use an alternate marrying feature this time around, one that will require "a similar amount of effort to wooing an NPC" as seen in singleplayer. So don't expect to hook up with your friends immediately once you join a game; get ready for a challenge.

Of course, there's a few features that won't be added into multiplayer quite yet. Local multiplayer isn't currently planned, nor is split-screen and PVP. There's also a lot of work that needs to be done to prepare the game for online play: including 15,000 lines of code rewritten just to support the new feature. So multiplayer probably won't be introduced until early 2018, with a beta coming for later this year.

But the multiplayer announcement is still a big deal. For Stardew Valley fans, there's clearly more fun to be had inside the game.

Chucklefish Wants to Keep 'Stardew Valley' Running With Content

[Source: Chucklefish]
[Source: Chucklefish]

It's pretty clear why Chucklefish wants to add multiplayer into Stardew Valley. Developer Eric Barone, known as "ConcernedApe" by fans, has expressed interest in major updates since launch. As Patricia Hernandez over at Kotaku points out, multiplayer has been on the table for awhile now, and Barone has been passionate about ongoing content updates for a long time.

So it's unsurprising that Barone landed a major content update for Stardew Valley pretty early on. Stardew Valley 1.1 added a ton of new features and tweaks, adding in four new maps and changing up the game's economy. The content update was welcomed warmly by fans. And if the multiplayer update is any clue, then Barone and Chucklefish aren't quite done with developing new updates, patches and features for Stardew Valley any time soon.

At the moment, it seems like co-op play is the main focus for Stardew Valley's upcoming multiplayer. But depending on its success, both Barone and Chucklefish may consider further expanding the game's online elements. There could be more thorough features that allow players to compete with one another. Or Chucklefish might make use of the Nintendo Switch's on-the-go capabilities, allowing players to drop in with ease as they play.

It's unclear what's next for Stardew Valley. But whatever Chucklefish and Barone have planned, it's sure to delight fans. So check back once more info is out about the upcoming multiplayer mode.

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