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French game dev studios focused on making co-op games.
Piece of Cake studios

Thanks for stopping by! Welcome to Hacktag. Hacktag is a two player, stealth co-op game from Piece of Cake Studios.

It takes place in a parallel universe set in the near future. Work as a team to infiltrate top secret locations and secure the information needed.

The agent is the body and the hacker is the brain. Work together bypass security doors, armed guards and complex firewalls.

Piece of Cake Studios is a newly created French videogame studio dedicated to co-operative gameplay. The studio is founded by three experienced professionals who have a combined 25 years of industry experience. (Ankama Studios, Eden Games, Eugen Systems).


  • Infiltrating together in an asymmetric gameplay with unique and original stealth mechanics.
  • Procedurally generated missions
  • Cooperation and communication are two core features needed to achieve the missions successfully.
  • Unique stories for each player as a TV series.
  • Cross platform playability, gives the player the ability to play on internet or locally on PC or Consoles.
  • Online challenges, rankings and leaderboards
  • Up your reputation through corporations and signing your acts.

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