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Steam’s Early Access program is filled with amazing games coming out each and every month. Many of these games are looking for testers and feedback to improve. I spent some time looking through the many games put on Steam Early Access in the month of February, picking out the best to share with you.

Weapon Shop Fantasy

is a shop simulator filled with RPG elements. You are in charge of a newly opened weapons shop. Here you can hire staff members, assign them to different jobs, and training them to learn new skills. Staff training is very interesting — it combines training with fighting off enemies!

Your workers can then try out their weapons against these monsters. When you’d like to fight a boss, you are able to lure them out with food. You can also collect materials to make more weapons and different equipment. Each weapon has its own attributes and skill bindings. If they aren’t good enough from the start, you can enchant them to help the weapon further.

If you have extra staff around, you can send them on auto-battle journeys where they will fight, earn materials, and delve deeper into dungeons for you. If your staff member gets low on health however, you will need to pull them out of the dungeon or risk death.

Weapon Shop Fantasy is more than just a shop simulator — it is a very unique, well thought out game where you run a shop and fight loads of monsters!


is a multiplayer co-op naval FPS where you and your friends can skillfully sink enemy ships and attempt to stay afloat! You will be able to man the cannons and fire off of the side of the ship with up to 16 other players. The team will be led by a voted captain, who must command his large crew to stay alive.

There are many tasks that need to be fulfilled on the ship — you can load cannons and fire at the enemy, repair holes, fix sails, and pump water out of the boat, keep your fire power up by taking supplies to the other crew members, or board the enemy ship to conquer it!

There are a few different modes in Blackwave, the first being a classical 1v1 and the other being a more challenging 3v3. This game also allows you to customize your ship to your team’s liking. Blackwave is a very unique multiplayer that is not only challenging but also dependent on communication.

Pit People

, a hilarious turn-based game has you trying to survive a hostile world filled with strange creatures! You were just hanging out in your house with your son when suddenly a gang of people-eating monsters came to devour your son. You weren’t going to stand for this, so you fought back! Naturally, you were out numbered, but something unpredictably bad happened.

Your son (and your house) was crushed by a different monster, just walking through the area. Upon this devastation, most of the enemies you were facing stopped caring about fighting you and fled. After you fought off the last straggler, you decided to head out into the world, as everything you had is now destroyed. You now have to fight back against the monsters.

As you explore this world, you can recruit other creatures to your team and use them to fight off monsters. You can play this game with a friend in co-op, either online or locally. You can also face off against your friends in a 2v2 arena mode. Pit People is a fantastic, well made, fun adventure that keeps you on your toes!

Golf It!

! is a stunning multiplayer minigolf game where you can even create your own levels. This game contains 4 different maps with 18 holes each in different environments; grassland, winterland, graveyard and mines. There is a 5th map in the game, Pirate Cove, but this map is still under construction. Each map has unique features and a different aesthetic to check out. All of the assets used for every map in the game can be accessed in an editor where you are free to make your own levels. This editor is also multiplayer, so you can get a friend to help you build these custom maps for you to play.

Golf It! is pretty simple to explain, it is a minigolf game. The way you hit the ball, however, is depending on the speed of the mouse — the faster you move your mouse, the harder you will hit the ball. This may sound like an easy task, but there is a bit of a learning curve as you get used to the speed you need to move to get your shots in. This game looks very well made — the added level editor gives you endless possibilities!

Badass Hero

is a roguelite platfomer shooter in a procedurally generated comic book universe! This game has you shooting, trapping, and destroying your enemies. When you destroy an enemy, you will gain some of the ink it took to create them. This ink is then used to upgrade your hero. You are able to use various different guns to take on monsters — as the items you receive are random, there are a lot of different possibilities.

Badass Hero also rewards aggressive play, giving you greater rewards for taking risks and general badassery. Each world has its own bosses and minibosses to take on, so make sure you do work skillfully. This game has a very unique aesthetic, creating a interesting, face paced game.

Dad Quest

is a 2D action platformer with RPG elements that takes you on a funny adventure as a father and kid! Your son wishes to soar through the sky like an eagle. You, as the father, must help him achieve this goal by throwing him around, enabling him to glide across the sky.

This also allows your child to double as your weapon. Children are indestructible, even if thrown at high speeds at monsters, so they do make the perfect weapon. There are many different fathers in this game - ‘father’ meaning someone who loves their children. These Dads can learn new abilities and grow with their child to reach new areas and get farther in the game. The child in the game can also grow, level up, and change, depending on how well you fight and help them grow.

Dad Quest also has many different items that can be collected to help you along your adventure. Toys and family heirlooms provide stat upgrades and abilities. Toys can be held — a limit of two at a time — by the child. Family heirlooms are key objects that can be used to perform tasks on people or the environment. This game is hilarious, unique, and full of great adventures to be had with your friendly weapon!

Elisa: The Innkeeper

is a stunning visual novel that has you not playing a protagonist, but instead playing a sort of God over all characters. You are watching over the story of Elisa — a beautiful innkeeper who is admired over all the land. Many wealthy men come to propose to her, knights, high born princes, and rich merchants want to marry her.

You will get to play these various characters, deciding what they say or do. Each decision gives that specific character ‘good’ or ‘bad’ karma, which will then affect the rest of the story. Karma can end up unlocking different traits for the character, which will then change future dialog. Every action and decision made doesn’t just affect the character making it, but also effects the story as a whole. [Elisa: The Innkeeper] is a very well polished story that allows you to control the fate of everyone in the story!


is a mysterious real-time action game with a modern board game design. In this game, you (and up to 3 of your friends) are fighting for the god Inanna. Inanna is not an easy god to please, but you are attempting to at least be better in her favor than your friends.

To become good in Inanna’s eyes, you must perform sacrifices, following the guides of her rituals. Ultimately, the player who sacrifices the most goats will get Inanna’s blessing. You can place your workers in workshops to gain the needed resources and goats for these rituals. Once you have enough, you can offer the resources to Inanna and trade the goats for new abilities and workshops. This takes quick planning and clever thinking to outwit your opponents.

Sumer takes place inside a ziggurat, where you must run around placing workings to collect resources. You only have 2 workers, so you need to decide the best way to use them and claim workshops before your friends get them. You can also partake in auctions by bidding in real time against other players. You will not know the real prices of the item you are bidding on until the auction is over, so make sure you don’t spend too much on the item! You can play this game alone, or against some fairly smart AI, but it is also very fun to play locally with some friends. Summer is a very unique, fun, fast-paced game.

Ropes and Dragons

is a cute, charming VR puzzler that gives you the job of feeding little candies to the various dragons in the kingdom. You get to play a wizard who is in charge of giving candies to many dragons in each world. You have a few different worlds on your desk, so you can select whichever levels you want to play in each one.

To feed the dragons, you must cut the ropes that hold candies at the correct time, allowing the candies to roll through obstacles, float up with bubbles and make their way to the dragon! You can also pop the bubble that consumes the candy and allows it to float.

In each level, there are also coins you can collect with the candy to unlock further levels. Ropes and Dragons is a family friendly VR game that provides an adorable world that anyone can enjoy.

There are always more and more games being put on Steam Early Access. Have you seen any that look super fun to play? Let us know in the comments below!


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