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Valve has officially announced that they're planning to get rid of the current Steam Greenlight program in the near future, and replace it with something called Steam Direct.

With that thought in mind, loads of new indie games have been popping up on Steam Greenlight, hoping to make it in before the door closes. I've put together some of my favorite games currently waiting to be Greenlit so you can back them while you still have time.

Heart. Papers. Border.

Heart. Papers. Border. is a travel simulator that has you taking on the role of a travel blogger in a colorful world. Each area of the world has a different background story, features, government and adventures to be had.

You can choose to travel to many different places, but you need a valid visa and enough money! Each time you travel to a new place, you unlock new hashtags to use in your blog.

Writing blog posts and gaining followers will result in more money that you can spend on traveling. You have to choose the areas that have a lot going on in order to create more interesting blogs along the way.

As you grow your influence, the world around you also changes. People in these countries around the world start demanding more freedom so they can travel as well without the worry of an expensive visa. Soon, you can help the world become more freely accessible through your work. This game is very stylish and has some great concepts in it thus far!


Fugl is a beautiful voxel game in which you're flying as a colorful bird around a landscape. This world is procedurally generated, so everywhere you go is unique to your own specific adventure. There are many different biomes — some are similar to biomes in real life like jungles, mountains and arctic landscapes. Others are more alien in appearance, such as colorful planets or strange fantasy worlds. As a bird, you're able to fly high and explore all of the majesty of the world.

You can glide among the mountains and soar to great heights. There are other flocks of birds that you can join, or you can land on the ground and watch other animals in your procedurally generated world. Other creatures have different abilities that you can then encompass and incorporate, like the ability to land in water, hover in the air, or even breath fire! Some are friendly, while others will look at you a delicious dinner! This world is open and ready for any adventure you want to have in it.

Towards the Pantheon

Towards The Pantheon is an RPG game that gives you the chance to play four unlikely heroes on their adventure through dangerous regions, hoping to defeat the source of "The Sworn Light" at The Pantheon. The Sworn Light is a group of magical beings who have been trying to divide and conquer the otherwise peaceful world. This group is causing tensions to rise between races. Someone has to defeat The Sworn Light so the world can go on peacefully.

That someone is a group of four unique characters; Freyja the warrior, Bam the cat, Mishima the cyborg and Phenez the ghost. Each of them have their own reasons for this fight and their own struggles they need to overcome.

On your journey to the Pantheon, you will have to deal with each character’s personal issues and philosophical topics. You'll switch between these characters and learn their unique abilities and mechanics as the game progresses. This ambitious game looks very different from other RPGs — I can’t wait to take on the adventure.

The Botanist

The Botanist is a happy, peaceful plant growing game! You have lost your job and do not have much money left to live of off. Instead of becoming disheartened and giving up, you decide to use your newfound freedom to reach your dream of becoming a botanist.

In this world, every word is a seed that grows a unique plant. So instead of the names of flowers, you have words like Joy or Cat, that will grow into something different and beautiful. Each day you're emailed requests from customers.

They'll give you a small description of the plant they want. If you have a plant that might fit their needs, or you can grow one, you're able to take its picture and send it off to the customer. If the customer likes the plant, they'll purchase it from you.

If not, they'll inform you of their decision via email. Meeting the needs of your customers will grow your reputation and give you more money to spend on more seeds along the way. You can even curate a seed catalogue of your own words which will turn into plants! This lovely little game looks to be very relaxing and fun.

StarFighter Research and Development HD

StarFighter Research and Development HD is an action shooter that lets you design your own ships before testing them out in a research lab!

You've been promoted to Head of Research and Development for a company called StarFighter Incorporated. This company used to be known for making the best starfighters in the galaxy, but over time, other companies have edged them out, and they're no longer the best. They've brought you onboard in the hopes that you'll be the intellectual muscle they need to put them back on top!

You're able to create ships using various different parts, then test them out in a trial by fire against some enemy ships in a simulator. The simulator will pit you against other ships, meteors, and bosses to see how well your design performs.

There are a multitude of different features to your ship, depending on what constituent parts you use. You'll also gain research points by using the simulator, which can then be used to unlock new parts for your ship. You can choose different bodies for your ship, as well as weapons, wings and orbs.

Each of these categories have different specific parts that can be unlocked and used. Once you have unlocked a variety of parts, you can equip each one and see how well they synergise with the rest. Then with any luck, you can take on the bosses and survive long enough to prove your ship is the best in the galaxy!

Shotgun Farmer

Shotgun Farmer is a first person shooter online multiplayer where you grow your guns via bullets! Thats right! When you fire your bullets into the ground (or miss a shot and hit the ground) that bullet will grow into a plant that can then be harvested for a new gun!

You can allow these plants grow for some time, causing your gun to start with an improved clip, or harvest them quickly as a way to gain additional ammo. When you shoot, you need to aim carefully or you'll be gifting your gun to your enemy!

At its current stage, there are four vegetable-themed guns, as well as a shovel, to destroy your enemies with. You can play with 15 friends in a variety of game modes including "Team Deathmatch," "Deliver the Hayload," "Capture the Sheep," "Plant and Destroy," and "Hen of the Hill." Each mode is a totally different way to play the game.

More features are being added to the game. Check out the development stream if you're interested in Shotgun Farmer's progress.

Rogue Process

Rogue Process is a stealth action platformer in which you get to hack things! You make your living as a renegade hacker who is assigned to hacking corporate security systems with the goal of discovering dark secrets.

You're able to hack almost everything in this game — camera feeds, vents to let out toxic waste, satellites that explode, buildings you want to blow up, and even windows so that you can easily break through them. All of this is easy to do as you just type out a word!

The game features "hack mode," which will show you the hackable nodes around you as well as slow down time. Once you type out a word, you have three seconds before the object will go back to normal or perform the task you want it to — like exploding for example.

You can also gain additional software and hardware by taking on contracts and selling the secrets you have discovered. These upgrades will give you new abilities in hack mode. For example, building an electroshock suit will allow you to shock nearby guards who are trying to eliminate you.

All of this rapid typing action has to be done in motion. This means, for example, that while you are jumping from building to building or being chased, you must quickly hack objects to aid you while still being attacked, or falling through the air. Corporate security will evaluate how you were able to take down their buildings, adapting to your abilities and making it much harder for you to get in. This game seems super challenging, but very worth it!

There are many games up on Steam Greenlight at the moment, all looking to make it through before Direct comes along. It might be worth taking some time to vote yes to games you like the look of before they miss the chance to make it onto Steam through this tool.


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