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Every year, Steam users prepare their wallets for a big hit. It's a time of year when PC gamers huddle around their computers, painstakingly preparing a wish list of games, awaiting that moment said games post for heavily discounted prices ranging anywhere from 35–95 percent off. It's a tradition that's been going for years, yet never gets old.

According to leaks that come via Reddit, we now know when the annual Steam Summer Sale is taking place. Apparently it will be occurring from June 22– July 5, which will allow gamers to fully embrace their typical summer spent enjoying the great indoors and working on that moon tan.

Where Did The Leak Happen?

With the leak originally noted on PCGamesN, the Reddit user deliteplays posted what they claimed to be a screenshot of the confidential announcement from Valve to the Steamworks developers group — a group that is only open to game developers. Poor Valve, it must be difficult to keep such information on lockdown, but luckily for the distribution bigwig, this leak works in its favor as, y'know, Steam Gift Cards will go flying off the proverbial shelves regardless.

With last year's occurring from June 23–July 4, many gamers will just shrug this news off as not really being news at all. It's inevitable that at some point during the early summer we will see hundreds of titles on sale at heavily discounted rates.

And Now To Prepare For The Sale

Even though many of us will never install those games but will just own them to claim them as part of our collections, preparing for such a sale can be an arduous process. For many it involves deciding on a workable budget, determining our purchases, then narrowing the list down to what games we'll actually play. While it's always helpful — and enjoyable — to browse the sales as they happen, remember to do the following:

  • Put the games you want on a wish list.
  • Grab some Steam Cards; it'll help restrict your budget.
  • Install the Steam Mobile app on your phone so you can buy on the go.
  • Set your wallet on fire; it'll be beneficial at a later date.

OK, so the last suggestion isn't necessary, but as the sale comes to a close it'll be something you'll wish you'd done. If you've already done all these things, minus the wallet burning, you are ready for the Steam Summer Sale, which should be coming in a little over a month.

What games do you plan on purchasing in the Steam Summer Sale? Sound off in the comments below.


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